Move-in checklist: Back-to-school essentials


The new semester is in full force, and moving in may still be in effect for some students. As roommates agree on who brings the couch and who brings the television, the essentials for living space in college are not to be forgotten.

As most dorm rooms and apartments come furnished, it is convenient for students to make
a list of the remaining items to bring. Most people look for college living essentials that are compact, economical and durable. Many contemplate what they should bring and sometimes bring more than necessary. Necessary supplies, however, include bedding basics, towels, a backpack, a laptop and a cell phone and chargers, according to The Daily Meal. The site also emphasizes desk supplies are important for a busy college student, freshman to senior. Scissors, a stapler, paper clips, tape, file hangers and a calculator are commonly used items.

The Kansas City Star tips students and parents on dorm room essentials to save space in the trunk for affordable items like storage bins, a one-cup coffee maker for 8 a.m. runs to class and a desk lamp for late night study sessions. Some students make a list of what to bring while others rely on the last minute “throw in the bag” technique.

Senior criminal justice major Raylin Parrish, who lives in Hillcrest Hall, said her major essentials include food, a shower caddy, flip flops and toiletries.

“I wait until the last minute and just throw everything into a suitcase,” she said.

As a senior, Parrish has accumulated the things she needs for living away from home throughout the years and no longer shops for dorm essentials, however she still looks for helpful bargains.

“My essentials for my apartment are definitely a lamp to cut down on electricity, product bins, a
shoe organizer and extra sheets,” said senior forensics major Kaylin Jones, who lives in Eagle Flatts student apartments.

Jones keeps school supply shopping simple by buying only notebooks and pencils when she moves in. She said she primarily shops for college living essentials at Ross, Dirt Cheap and Target.

Junior polymer science major Julian Richardson sees a difference between the important and the not-so-important. He suggested that clothes, shoes, toiletries, bedding, water, trashcan, shower curtain, posters and a laundry hamper are musts for living in the dorms.

“Don’t bring a TV, mattress or anything you don’t use a lot,” he said. “In the dorms, there are televisions in the lounges.”

Other stores include Kohl’s and Walmart. These retail giants provide inexpensive alternatives that best meet the needs of students. For electronics, college students can receive discounts at Best Buy. Additionally, Kirkland’s offers many home and room décor for the decorative student.

Students who have forgotten essentials can always shop online for their items or visit a local
store that features arrays of college living essentials. DormCo is an online retail business for college dorm essentials where students can shop for anything college. is a similar website that features dorm bedding and accessories for the room. Preparing the perfect room for the school year will
help students stay on track in convenience and comfortability.