Updown Trampoline Park opens to large turnout


On Sept. 13, new local entertainment venue Updown Trampoline Park hosted a grand opening on 41st Avenue.

Updown is a locally-owned and operated indoor trampoline business located in the Hub City. The building covers 45,000 square feet. Inside the park is an open jump court, a dodgeball court, a dunk court and a slackline court. According to the Updown website, the jump court is 12,000 square feet of high-tech trampolines. The dunk court has baskets over trampolines so customers can enjoy dunking basketballs.

During the opening event, families and parties packed the park. The building has a 120 person jumping limit and upholds that standard. Prior to the park’s grand opening, Updown invited the families of local firemen, policemen and emergency medical teams to participate in the jumping fun.

“It’s the perfect family place to go,” attendee Ashley Lloyd said. “There is something for all ages. There is also a video game room with big-screen TV’s that overlook the jumps down below. There are staff standing watch at every jump. They have a snack stand. It’s just an amazing place to go.”

The prices range from $11.50 per person every hour to $18.95 per person every two hours. There is an added requirement for safety socks that cost another $1.00 per pair.

“That is going to be the downfall of this place,” guest Jake Dennee said. “College students don’t make $10.00 an hour. So they have to work a minimum of two hours so they can enjoy one. That doesn’t make sense to me.”

The freshly-trained staff worked their first day on Sept. 11.

“My kids loved it,” said guest Kristy Hurt Brown. “The staff went above and beyond to help us get signed in.”

Updown Trampoline Park hosts fitness classes beginning 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. The fitness classes feature various forms of exercises that range from wall sprints and squat bounces to a ninja warrior course.

Hunt Brothers Pizza and Dippin’ Dots provide concessions.

On Sept. 10, Updown Trampoline Park hosted an event dedicated to those who participated in public service. The event was well-received enough that there was not enough room and time to accommodate military personnel. Updown will dedicate a separate event for the military personnel. Currently, however, there are no other upcoming events.