DLX debuts album release at train depot


Though the show started late due to the fire alarm being set off, The DLX’s “Hello” EP release show at the Hattiesburg Train Depot on Sept. 16 was a success.

The train depot downtown does not provide a venue large enough for this event’s size, but the band managed. The audience was made up of grandparents, parents, college students and children.

The show opened with And The Echo, a synthpop band from Oxford. Between its flashing lights and style, the performance was energetic and fun. Even audience members with different musical` tastes than what the band offered said they enjoyed And The Echo’s performance.

The DLX began its set after and performed numbers from the new EP. Vocalist Shawn Chambliss later transitioned to an acoustic set on the other side of the venue, closer to the audience.

During this phase, he introduced a newly written song that does not appear on the EP. He got the crowd up and jumping again on the main stage with another full band song that had also just been written. Those who did not have a camera or child in hand swayed their arms to the beat.

“Overall, I thought the show went well,” Chambliss said. “I’ve been planning it for a few months now securing the building, setting up light rentals, production crew and organizing the [rehearsals]. It’s also always a bit of a gamble to put on a show in a non-traditional location, but the turnout was pretty good to be competing with Friday night football in the South. Plus, playing with And The Echo was [incredible].”

Chambliss said the day of the event was stressful because none of the band’s new merchandise had been printed.

“[I] contacted the amazing people at Sonny and Cille Screenprinting in Laurel, and he was able to somehow get over half of our merch printed before doors,” he said. “The shirts were still warm when people started arriving. Then, 30 minutes before doors, the fire alarm goes off and the fire department showed up and said we couldn’t use our hazer. So that was fun.”

Chambliss said he is more proud of “Hello” than he is of any other piece he has recorded.

“I tried to put all of my varying tastes of music into six songs, and it’s available wherever digital music is streamed or sold,” he said.

Overall, the show was a great way to start the weekend and to get The DLX’s fans ready for “Hello.”

Being someone who had not listened to any of its music until it had performed at Southern Miss’ Eaglepalooza in the past year, I found it to be a great introduction for a new chapter in The DLX’s career in music.

“Hello” can be purchased on iTunes or streamed on Spotify.