Rocky Horror Picture Show rocks ‘Burg


On Oct. 20, The Dollar Box Showroom hosted the live viewing and shadowcasting performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show by The University of Southern Mississippi’s dance and theatre majors.

Walking into the venue, you automatically got the feel of the show. There was smoke and red lighting everywhere. I immediately saw many college students from USM – not only from the theatre and dance department but from an array of majors. To my surprise, I also saw a couple of families in attendance.

The cast members embraced their roles perfectly. Jay Marion, who played Dr. Frank N. Furter, seemed to have enjoyed the whole production.

“My favorite part of doing Rocky Horror Picture Show would have to be getting to play the lead as Dr. Frank N. Furter, my dream role,” Marion said. “I think anyone wanting to do theatre knows that this role is the ultimate role to play in your theatre career. I worked really hard on trying to entertain the guests while also staying true to my character, and morals as a person. The show exceeded my expectations. It was a packed out house and it was grand ole time. When I left, I was very proud of myself for not only performing the role as Dr. Frank N. Furter but being able to flip, turn, and dance in 6 inch heels. Glitter will forever remain on my body.”

There was some concern for how the play was going to be executed since the movie was streaming from FOX, meaning there would be commercials. While there was some minor delays in turning the sound off for the cast to perform during those breaks, they were still able to continue their performance in between. These commercial performances were able to incorporate the audience too by pulling them up to dance on the stage with the cast members.

USM junior and attendee Lauren Pounds enjoyed the show but had critiques.

“I’ve always been a fan of the movie, but I’ve never seen it performed live,” Pounds said. “I thought it was interesting. I had always heard that the audience was supposed to use props throughout the show and so I was kind of disappointed about that. Other than that thought it was a really fun experience.”

While there were some props that were given at the Dollar Box Showroom, people were expected to bring their own along with their costumes. Those who appeared in costume brought the essences of their characters with them.

This was my first time going to a live viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The live performance exceeded my expectations. The cast truly brought their characters to life and really engaged with the audience, making it an experience rather than just a play.