Students relive: V-Day from Hell

“My boyfriend was acting suspicious, so the day before Valentine’s Day, I confronted him about another girl. He told me that he had been cheating on me for two weeks and that he liked the other girl, so we broke up. Then he took her on the Valentine’s Day date that we had planned together. I ate the chocolate I bought him and watched movies all night.”


“All of my friends wanted to go out for a fancy dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and I really wanted to go, but I was so broke that I had to go home and eat what my mom cooked.”

“Not a recent story, but in the eighth grade, I broke up with my boyfriend the day before Valentine’s Day because my mom had paid for his gift (a box of chocolates) but she wouldn’t buy me one too. I really wanted that chocolate. We started dating again on the 15th and he gave me my present anyway, but alas, I had eaten all of the chocolates.”

“I got dumped on Valentine’s Day, and he had a new girlfriend hours later. The entire interaction was over text messages.”

“My boyfriend broke up with me a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day. The way he did it was by coming out to me and telling me that I had been a cover up for the past year and a half. Not sure if he is out to anyone else yet, but let’s just say he’s very close to his roommate now.”

“My best guy friend who is now by boyfriend’s best friend tried to give me a teddy bear and roses at the bus stop, and I ran away from him onto the bus. He chased behind me holding the bear, [with his] arms fully ex- tended, and I felt terrible for not accepting it afterwards. #high-school”

“I walked into Walgreens because I was sick and stressing out about a test. I’m in the nursing program so school is kicking my butt, plus I’m single and basically dying. All of the employees were crowded at the front yelling ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ at everyone who walked in. On the outside I was friendly, but on the inside I was feeling pretty crappy.”


“My mom insisted that I let her take me to eat lunch on Valentine’s Day, so I met up with her. She gave me huge box of chocolates and said ‘you should post these on social media and say a boy gave them to you’. I think my mom is a bit more concerned about me having a boyfriend than I am.”

“When I was in high school, I used to ride to and from school with my boyfriend every day. On Valentine’s Day he dropped me off at my house after school (he would usually come in), went to Walmart and came back with one of those obnoxiously large stuffed animals of two dogs hugging. He then tried to come in and hide it in my room without me knowing, but I obviously saw him because I had been back and forth between my room and the living room since he dropped me off. Then he tried to play it off like he had purchased it ahead of time and it had been in my room all day. I constantly talk about how much I hate giant stuffed animals as gifts so it was pretty tragic in my opinion.”