Letter to the editor

Dear Editor –

I recently attended an on-campus program entitled, “A Salute to Our Heroes” sponsored by The University of Southern Mississippi Men of Excellence. If you are not familiar with this organization, you should be…they are men of character and motivated by a special set of uncompromising values that among other things include treating others with dignity and respect. As a veteran and USM alumnus, I simply want to “shout out” and recognize what was an incredible experience for all in attendance. The fact that a student organization demonstrated such recognition, care and appreciation for our veterans (to include members of our Student-Veterans of America) during an era where sometimes people may be overly absorbed in their own special interests, is absolutely remarkable. The Men of Excellence made this special event important in honoring individuals representing less than one-percent of Americans who choose to serve in defense of freedom.

Thank you and job well done Men.

Thank You – Jeff Hammond