‘Would you like fries with that?’ Taco Bell offers new nacho fries


Taco Bell premiered its newest item, nacho fries, Thursday and joined the list of fast food chains that sell fries.

The nacho fries, priced at $1, are seasoned with Mexican spices and served with cheese for dipping. Alternatively, customers can order “supreme” fries for $2.49. These fries come loaded with beef, nacho cheese, sour cream and Pico de Gallo, with guacamole, bacon or jalapenos as potential add-ons.

For many Southern Miss students, Taco Bell is the fast food chain of choice in Hattiesburg, partly because there are two locations close to campus and partly because it stays open later than many restaurants in Hattiesburg.

“My friends and I have gone to Taco Bell many times when it’s well past midnight and we want something to eat,” senior information technology major and former Taco Bell employee Joshua Martins said.

Other Southern Miss students sampled and provided reviews for the new nacho fries.

“The fries themselves are nice,” senior polymer science major Aaron Maliden said. “They’re neither soggy nor limp like some [fast food chains’ fries] are. There is enough taco seasoning on the fries to give them flavor without being overwhelming.”

“Of course, the fry and nacho cheese combo is great,” Maliden said. “The fries have a little spice, but if you are someone who is used to eating spicy food, you may be unaffected. All-in-all, I would rate the nacho fries an 8 out of 10, especially considering that they’re only $1.”

Senior information technology major Bradley Dalton said he was a little skeptical about Taco Bell’s fries. After trying them, however, Dalton said his fears were dispersed.

“The fries are well-seasoned and have a good texture, almost like mini potato wedges. And the fries benefit immensely from the nacho cheese,” Dalton said.

Dalton recommended others try the fries. “They’re pretty good for an absurdly low price, but be warned, you might want to get multiple orders as I found myself hungering for another order very soon after I’d finished my first,” Dalton said.

Taco Bell’s nacho fries are set to be available only up through this March.

In anticipation of the nacho fry debut, Taco Bell released a 90-second ad in the form of a faux movie trailer titled “Web of Fries” on Jan. 20.

The ad features a businessman who decides to investigate why Taco Bell has never sold fries. As a result, he uncovers a conspiracy wherein “the Burger People” have prevented Taco Bell from releasing their apparently long-since planned nacho fries.

A shorter cut of this advertisement video aired during the NFC Championship Game last weekend.

The video plays on how burger-based chains have largely dominated the fast food industry when it comes to serving fries. The fries serve as a milestone for Taco Bell as the first instance that they have sold this menu item that is a staple in other fast-food restaurants.

Depending on the reception of the nacho fries, Taco Bell may shift them from a limited-time-only to a permanent item on Taco Bell’s menu.