New college football video game to launch in 2020


Since the discontinuation of EA Sports’ “NCAA Football” series in 2013, many college football fans have longed for another college football game to hit the market. They may just get their wish, as a game named “Gridiron Champions” has been announced with a projected launch date of 2020.

The game, which will be released by iMackulate Vision Gaming, will be the first collegiate athletics video game released on the major gaming platforms since “NCAA Football 14.” According to a press release on the Gridiron Champions website, the game will be released for the Xbox, Steam and PlayStation platforms and priced at $59.99.

So far, the game has been prepurchased by more than 1,300 people since it was made available in May 2017.

“There is no college football game on the market that offers a creative experience like Gridiron Champions and we’re excited to be the first to hit the marketplace in 2020,” Alex Lewis, the CEO of iMackulate Vision Gaming said in a press release.

One major difference that will separate “Gridiron Champions” from the old NCAA Football series is that “Gridiron Champions” will not feature the names of current college football teams. Instead, fictitious universities and generic team names will be used for the game. Players of the new game will have the ability to make customized rosters and teams.

In the “NCAA Football” series, the names of actual football players were unable to be incorporated into the game due to restrictions. Instead, devoted gamers would edit and create accurate rosters for teams included within the game.

Southern Miss broadcast journalism student Jonathan Smith, who played the “NCAA Football” games as a kid, is looking forward to having another collegiate football game on the market.

Current professional athletes have also been involved in the project. Current Oakland Raiders offensive lineman and former LSU Tiger Vadal Alexander and Spencer Dinwiddie of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets have been involved with the game as investors.

Despite the generic teams and players included in the game, “Gridiron Champions” potentially fills a void that has existed in the gaming world since 2013.