A new beginning for the Printz

With a new editorial staff will come the opportunity to bring a new look and feel to The Student Printz. We want to hold onto some classic, cherished elements of the Printz while introducing fresh ideas to the paper. The general idea is to keep our school’s newspaper innovative, while keeping you, the readers, on your toes.

This semester’s refurbished Student Printz is bringing back the Student Shout-outs once a week, though we will filter out the Shout-outs that mention names, use vulgarity and are, essentially, free advertisement for an event or group. Keep them funny, people.
We’ll occasionally have an entertainment sidebar to keep you updated on what is going on in the music, film and literary realms. Be on the lookout for those.

We’re so excited about mixing things up that anything could happen. Who knows? Maybe we’ll change the style of the entire paper.
Another thing that we want is your feedback. Yes, it is true: we are on both Facebook and Twitter. Follow us on social media and tell us what you think of the paper.

Give us your opinions and ideas. Just don’t give us the cold shoulder if you don’t think our paper is as good as it could be. We want your input.