The Lanie Diaries


Now that Halloween has come and gone, we have already begun to skip over Thanksgiving and have our eyes set on Christmas. Why is this, though? Why do the Christmas commercials start during late October? Why can’t they wait until after Thanksgiving?

Why do we always try to fast-forward through this day to arrive at Christmas so soon? Why are we always in such a hurry? I am just ready to get out of school. But like I read on Twitter, “Why does everyone try to skip Thanksgiving??? You’re getting out of school to eat yourself into a coma… what’s better than that?!?” And Holland, you do have an excellent point.

Think about it, you’re surrounded by people that you love and just eating all you want FOR FREE. There are home cooked meals for free (insert mouth watering emoji) and no school-related responsibilities.

Going off of that, the proper time to start getting excited for Christmas is the day after Thanksgiving because of Black Friday. A day filled with crazy people crashing through store fronts to purchase items off of their loved ones’ wish lists at a much lower price.

Do we love to celebrate Halloween and Christmas more than Thanksgiving because of what we get out of those holidays? On Halloween, we get to dress up as characters, movie stars, puns and anything else you could think of. As children, we got candy. On Christmas, we get presents. Are we that greedy? I like to think that I am not, but then again, I haven’t really gotten into the Christmas spirit early in several years.

Maybe it’s not the presents. Maybe it’s the whole act of the celebration of Christmas. There are movies, decorations, light shows, shopping trips for presents, giving, receiving, religion, family and love. Christmas is so much more than just receiving presents. It brings such warm and fuzzy feelings into my body- even in the super cold temperatures. There’s just such a magical feeling when it comes to Christmas time, and I haven’t felt this magic in years, but this year I’m ready to put up the tree right now. I am ready for the Christmas music, the lights, the hot chocolate, being with my family and everything there is in between.

We don’t just skip over Thanksgiving, we acknowledge it and we love the good food, but we also just get so ahead of ourselves. Because there are more celebratory factors within the Christmas holiday, we are obviously going to feel more compelled to start celebrating as soon as we can.

As college students, it can be very hard to find time to relax or feel anything other than stressed out, but when November rolls around, we start to see the light that is Christmas break and all it has to offer. Christmas relieves us from so much stress and puts a new breath of life unto us, and that is why we tend to “skip” Thanksgiving.