Acosta unfairly loses credentials


On Nov. 7, Jim Acosta went to the White House press conference following the 2018 midterm elections. Acosta questioned President Donald Trump regarding immigration and Trump’s televised advertisements about the migrant caravan.

Acosta tried to ask a follow-up question, and Trump decided that was enough. A White House intern tried to take the microphone away from Acosta, causing Acosta to brush the intern’s arm away from him. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders released a statement accusing Acosta of putting his hands on an intern.

After this interaction, Acosta’s press pass was revoked. CNN fully supports Acosta and stated the White House revoked his pass in retaliation for challenging questions, while also accusing Sanders of lying about Acosta’s actions.

Acosta did not know his press pass was revoked until he tried to re-enter the White House. A Secret Service officer stopped him and informed him he could not enter the grounds.

Acosta should not have had his credentials removed. It is the job of a journalist to ask hard questions and attempt to get an answer. In the video of the confrontation, you can see Acosta never attempts to put his hands on the intern. The most he does is put his arm in the way so she cannot grab the microphone.

It is known that Trump is not a fan of the media. As NBC reporter Peter Alexander asks his question during the press conference, Trump talks over him, asking if Alexander is trying to be Acosta. Before getting an answer, Trump demands that Alexander sit down.

During Alexander’s question, Trump brings attention to Acosta, calling him a rude, terrible person. Alexander defends Acosta, saying Acosta is a diligent reporter. Trump responds by saying he is not a fan of Alexander either.

It feels unsafe having a president who does not trust the media and who calls news he does not like or agree with “fake news.” Trump seems to change his opinion on a news agency depending on if the report is in favor of him or against him. One day he can tweet saying an agency is respectable and call them successful, and the next day the same agency is failing and a threat to the people of the country.  

It is unfair the way these journalists are being treated for doing their job. When the media reports a story that goes against Trump or anyone he supports, it is flagged as fake news. It is ironic since Sanders lied about Acosta’s actions towards the intern.

The way Acosta was forbidden reentry into the White House seems like an issue. He was doing his job. The intern tried to snatch the microphone away from him before he was finished. Acosta asked the question he was going to ask, and he got an answer out of Trump. It seems like this could have been avoided since Trump ended up letting Acosta ask his question.

At no time did Acosta put his hands on the intern in a threatening way. The fact Sanders cites this as a reason for his suspension is deceitful. Lying about an interaction people can easily check is itself fake news. Acosta deserves to have his press pass reinstated immediately.