SGA vice president candidate profile: Olivia LeBlanc


courtesy photo

Olivia LeBlanc, sophomore psychology major, is running for SGA vice president.

What is your stance on the parking situation?

We as students know that parking is a big issue on our campus. This is why in my platform point, Reform, my goal is to create better relationships with departments on campus, especially Parking and Transit Services. If we create a constant stream of communication between the Student Government Association and Parking and Transit Services, we will be able to work together to efficiently gather student feedback and target specific issues. They need to know specifically how they can help us, and I feel that creating this relationship will be beneficial for both students and the department.

What are your plans for improving student involvement/academic involvement?

One of the points in my platform is Representation. In this point, I talk about making sure we are representing all students. With this, I would like to get students more involved in SGA and find ways to increase involvement on our campus. By reaching out to organizations on campus, SGA can help be another point of information for student involvement. As far as increasing academic involvement, through being Chair of the Academic Scheduling and Calendar committee, I have received abundant student feedback on academic involvement. One thing I would like to accomplish through Senate is making sure that every student is pleased with the options they are given for classes. Through this, I feel that academic involvement will increase because students have more of a say in their education.

What is your opinion on the short candidacy time?

I think that the amount of time we are given to campaign this semester is appropriate. Students do not have to endure weeks of campaigning, and neither do the candidates. I enjoyed having Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to have meaningful conversations about student concerns on campus. I plan to keep doing this through Tuesday, while also making sure that my campaigning stays purposeful. With more time, I feel that the meaning of my platform would get lost.

Are there any other specifics that you want to address with your campaign?

I would like students to know who they are voting for and why they are voting. For this reason, I want to remind everyone that I plan to be a servant leader, truly addressing the needs of every student on campus. As a Student Government Association, it is our job to represent and involve all students on campus. If I had to summarize my platform in one word, it would be Representation. All of my platform points ultimately lead to better representation of all students. Although I would like to go more in depth, you can hear all parts of my platform in the SGA Debate.