SGA election commissioner-elect profile: Madison Crimm


courtesy photo

Madison Crimm, junior communications studies major, is SGA election commissioner-elect.
Why did you decide to apply for SGA election commissioner?
I decided to run for SGA Election Commissioner because I have loved being a part of this organization since I was a freshman and I wanted to serve in a bigger capacity.
What are some of your plans for the position?
Throughout this role, I aim to be fair, timely, and patient, and I will uphold all Student Government Association rules regarding elections. In addition to my regular duties during elections as laid out in the Constitution, I plan on hosting voter registration drives for MS voters and informing other voters of registration laws in their state. Finally, I plan on utilizing the Election Commission body in a more efficient way and using Varsity volunteers to help out with elections as needed.
What did it feel like to know you won the position?
I was very excited to learn that I had won the position. A few of my good friends had also won their elections, so it was definitely a time for celebration. At the same time, I felt incredibly humbled knowing that the Student Body had entrusted me with this position.
How do you feel about being unopposed? Do you believe that it’s a problem, or is it a more complex problem like a student involvement issue?
I believe that there is a certain stigma around running unopposed for any position, but I do feel confident in my own abilities to fulfill the duties of this office to the best of my abilities, as well as the abilities of others who ran unopposed in their own elections. I never would have been confident enough in myself to run for this position without the support and encouragement of my peers, and I hope that I can use my position to empower the next generation of students to get involved in SGA.