Thirsty Hippo prepares for Hub City Madness


courtesy photo

From Friday, March 29 until Sunday, March 31, the Thirsty Hippo will host the fifth annual Hub City Madness. Presented by various local businesses, the three-day music event will consist of 33 bands and musicians from Hattiesburg and beyond.

According to the Hub City Madness Facebook page, “A group of musicians from Hattiesburg had a vision to create an epic underground music party where they could rock out to a variety of local music for one weekend a year. Madness began as a mostly rock show with two power-fists full of bands. It has transformed into one massive, multi-genre, live local music blowout!”

The executive director of Downtown Music Media, one of the official sponsors of the event, Amanda Kyrié said she has been attending the event since 2016.

“This will be my fourth Madness out of the five. Every year, there are new and old bands showcased. Everyone shows up, and it’s just a huge party,” Kyrié said. “There has never been as many bands as there will be this year—33 bands over three days is incredible for an underground show.”

Kyrié said Downtown Music Media will have a significant presence at the event with photographers, videographers, writers and Street Team members who write reviews or help sell merchandise.

Kyrié regularly attends live shows in Hattiesburg and praised Hattiesburg’s diversity in music.

“The music industry in Hattiesburg is always evolving. We have so many talented musicians that live here. There is always a live show to attend, and you can find just about any genre or music culture here,” Kyrié said.

Hattiesburg shoegaze band Goth Dad will be one of the 33 acts, and bassist Colin Cameron mentioned the band’s excitement for their performance.

“This is our first year participating. We’ve all collectively attended Hub City Madness the past couple of years, so we’re pretty stoked to play,” Cameron said.

Cameron said he is looking forward to the diversity of genres that are going to perform.

“There are so many good bands across the whole spectrum of genres. We are looking forward to playing with so many of our pals at one time,” Cameron said.

Psychedelic surf rock band Wild Frames performed at last year’s Hub City Madness, and vocalist Leeann Rogers said that the event is unique because it brings everyone’s fans together to experience new music.

“It is a great cross-pollination on Hattiesburg music. The fact that so many different types of people and musicians so easily get along, respect and appreciate one another is a very ‘Hattiesburg’ thing,” Rogers said.

Marie said her band is looking forward to this Hub City Madness because it will be their first performance of 2019.

Every act for this year’s Hub City Madness will take place at the Thirsty Hippo. Admission for the event will be charged at the door on the day of the show. Wristbands will be sold at $20 for the entire weekend, $15 for two days or $10 for one day.

photo courtesy iCause