The Lanie Diaries: What to expect at your first home game


Whether you are a freshman, a transfer student or you have simply never been to a Southern Miss football game, lean back, put on your favorite pair of readers and absorb every word. 

Southern Miss football holds a special place in my heart. My dad went to Southern Miss and was determined to make me a Golden Eagle as well. He definitely succeeded, because until the age of 12, I had never been to another stadium, let alone even considered going to another team’s games. In my mind, Southern Miss was the only way. 

Before the first home game, signing up for the Student Eagle Club is a must. For $20 a year, Student Eagle Club members receive premier seating at football games, a t-shirt, tailgates with free food, along with a handful of other benefits. If you do not sign up before the first home game on Aug. 31, you’ll have to hike up the ramp of death to get to your seat in the nosebleed section.  

One of my favorite spots in the Rock to watch the game is on top of the end zone. To get there, you have to be at the top of the ramp and walk over to the upper patio of the end zone. It is such an interesting view and isn’t as crowded as the student section, even though the student section isn’t normally that crowded. 

Another of my favorite spots is at the top of the Rock. This spot will always hold a special place in my heart because my family cheered on the Eagles from there for so many years—it always made me feel like I was getting an eagle’s eye view of the games, pun intended.

The biggest downside to the Rock is the way the stadium is shaped. The stadium is so incredibly steep that every time I walk up to the top, I feel like I’m going to fall off, land in someone’s lap in the lower half and die. Although it’s exciting that alcohol will now be served at the games, I highly suggest staying at the lower level for safety precautions if you can’t hold your alcohol. 

Something else to keep in mind is that Southern Miss is not a SEC school. Although we don’t have the same amount of support as SEC schools, our football games can still be just as much fun. If you’re trying to figure out how to dress, just know anything from super casual to super cute is totally acceptable. 

Southern Miss football is an experience in itself. Tailgating in the District, the Eagle Walk, pregame and halftime are some of my favorite memories as a child. I loved getting to see Seymour, yell out the Nasty Bunch cheer and watch the Dixie Darlings strut across the field. No matter if the Eagles win or lose, the games are always a great experience.