Should students feel obligated to attend football games?


Photo by William Lowery

Photo by William Lowery

“Game day can be enjoyed by all” by Bethany Morris

As football season approaches, the excitement within me builds. I am not just a sports fan; I am a Golden Eagle at heart. I have grown up attending Southern Miss game days and have been a die-hard fan since the age of five when I experienced my first Southern Miss football game with my family. 

Of course, I know that Southern Miss is filled with students who do not enjoy football games and the festivities surrounding the day, and that’s a valid opinion. 

However, I feel that the homey atmosphere Southern Miss provides to its students on a daily basis is enhanced on game day. The sights and sounds that make up game day bring joy to the hearts of fans and can even bring peace in the midst of a chaotic semester. Tents set up in the District, the sounds of the Pride playing, the sights of cheerleaders decked out in black and gold and Dixie Darlings in their shimmery outfits combined with the overall joy brought by cheering fans are what make the gameday experience.

Gameday is a whole experience for those of all interests. If you love football, then there is the game for you. If you love the band, the halftime show is for you. If you have school spirit, then cheering for the Golden Eagles is for you. If you are into fashion, gameday offers a wide variety of looks from boutiques to fit your style. Football games are a social event, particularly here in the South. Tailgating in the District with your friends or your organization is also a great time to mix and mingle with the Southern Miss community. 

Some of the best memories for students at Southern Miss involve game day. Whether they enjoy cheering in the stands with friends or tailgating with their organization, all students should experience a Southern Miss football game so that they do not miss what this university has to offer. One may not become a die-hard fan from going to just one Southern Miss game, but I believe that you will enjoy your time connecting with students while cheering on the Golden Eagles.

“Football is not a priority for some” by Laurel Thrailkill

Fall classes are starting and the promise of cooler weather looms in the not-so-distant future. This means it is football season again. For some students, however, the Southern Miss football games are not a priority, which can leave the diehard Southern Miss sports fans scratching their heads. 

The question may be simple, but the answer is a bit more complex. There are many reasons why there are some students who do not attend Southern Miss football games, but one primary issue for many students is work. A significant amount of students who attend Southern Miss have part-time or even full-time jobs to support themselves and help pay their tuition. Situations often occur where work schedules conflict with football game times and students simply can not skip work to attend.

As the semester progresses, students are expected to spend more of their time studying, doing homework and completing projects. When it comes down to a choice between academics and fun, the decision may be hard, but studying is more important in the long run. Some students are forced to choose to study over attending a game so they can save their grades.

The crowds and noise of a football game is often a deterrent for non-fans. Because we live in Mississippi, the unpredictable weather is also a common concern. There are plenty of students that care about Southern Miss sports but would rather not attend these games so that they can avoid these problems.

The bottom line is that certain students just do not have any interest in sports. Some students simply feel that their time would be better spent doing other things. Everyone has different interests, and at the end of the day, the decision of whether or not to go to a football game is up to each individual student.