Grandson shows empowerment in anti-authority


Illustration by Lillie Busch.

Jordan Edward Benjamin, otherwise known as grandson, has been a political artist since 2018. He shares his political views throughout his music, especially during performances. 

While grandson often gets negative press due to his political agenda because of his videos or Twitter feed, he feels that it’s important to become aware of certain matters in today’s society. Grandson uses his music to present issues throughout the world in hopes of changing opinions. While many have told him to just stick to music, grandson is doing that while also becoming a voice for those wanting to feel empowered.  

Grandson’s music ultimately consists of an alternative EDM style that is often described as sinister with a specific build. When he first began writing for other artists, grandson felt that his music needed to be taken more seriously. He released his debut EP, “A Modern Tragedy Vol. 1” in 2018, which had anti-authoritative hits such as “Blood // Water” and “6:00.” He has since released the accompanying vol. 2 and 3 EPs. 

While he views his music as a service, grandson ultimately writes for those seeking to be defiant towards authority. He describes his music as being truthful, which hits on this era of instant gratification, fake news and other world issues. Grandson shows his opinions on single-payer healthcare and climate change through his shows and recent appearances in Washington, D.C. He has taken part in marches like with the We The People March back in mid-October that was done to defy our current administration. 

Grandson recently held a social experiment to see how people react while behind a mask. He allowed people to come in with hidden identities with the power to do whatever they wanted to a constant variable, which just so happened to be grandson himself. Paired with the experiment was grandson’s song, “Oh No!,” which portrays the same destructive behavior and hidden impulses seen throughout the video. 

Although grandson is Canadian, his dual citizenship has allowed him to become an artist for all people in any nation. While some of his songs are seen as controversial or hard-hitting, those are the most important ones to listen to. His music isn’t cheesy or poppy. Instead, it’s a real vocalization on real issues. It brings attention to the problems that society tends to ignore. 

Grandson’s songs hit on certain matters worth discussing, such as police brutality, immigration or the control mass media has on society. It’s clear when listening to his music what grandson’s views are, but he doesn’t necessarily want listeners to share the same views. Grandson produces music in order to bring attention to certain problems and start a conversation. Whether or not listeners feel the same way, grandson wants feedback among anything. 

Seeing grandson in concert was a truly bracing experience. He has the ability to draw in a crowd with his music to ultimately share specific issues that he feels need a reaction. While some artists don’t specifically use their platform, grandson continues to defy social norms, disregarding any backlash so he can better society.