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Trump’s impeachment: warranted or negative to Democrats

Photo by Caleb McCluskey

Incompetence warrants impeachment

by William Lowery

For two years now Americans have had to put up with the shenanigans of President Donald Trump, and his time in office needs to end.

When the billionaire announced his candidacy in 2015, no one expected him to win.  He ran on a campaign that boasted about draining the swamp in Washington and building a wall to keep immigrants out.

When he wasn’t talking his absurd plans, he was tweeting to his heart’s content, lashing out at anyone and everyone who disagreed with his policies. Then, in 2016, he won the election.

At first, I, like many others, thought, “Oh, this won’t be so bad.” Boy, was I wrong. Two years and one too many controversies later, I’m regretting those words.

As a president, Trump has no clue how to run a country. He knows how to run a business empire, but managing buildings is a lot different from managing a country.

He’s a man who acts on his own agenda. He claims to love America and wants to keep it great, but he’s really doing it for his own good.

He’s a bratty kid who thinks he can do what he wants and get away with it.

The amount of scandals surrounding this man is too many to list in this article.  From hush-money payments to porn stars to saying people of the alt-right are “very fine people” to proclaiming “fire and fury” to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, and all of this in just 2017.

Joe Rogan once said on a stand-up special that Donald Trump is like a guy who runs into a room, drunken and stir crazy, shouting all sorts of nonsense that’s hard to believe, and he’s right.  Yet, Trump’s most insane ramblings are found on Twitter, which he seems to spend more time on than in the Oval Office.

People will defend Trump saying he’s boosted the job market and bettered the economy. Well, it wasn’t all his doing. Keep in mind, when Barack Obama became President, he had to fix an economy that was in the midst of a severe recession.

Besides, working wages are low and making a living is incredibly difficult. More people might be working, but they sure aren’t earning enough for their efforts.

This is just scraping the top part of what is a colossal, toxic iceberg of a president. Anybody who disagrees with him is an enemy of the people, whether it’s the news media, politicians, especially Democrats, or even the average Joes.

When word got out about how he had called the Ukranian president and asked for him to dig up dirt on potential candidate Joe Biden and his son, I thought, “Can this presidency go anymore downhill?”

Impeaching the president or even voting him out of office next year will do a lot to help America.

Anti-Trump graphic
Graphic by Kathleen Hetherington

Trump’s impeachment brings nothing but negativity

by Conrad Acosta

The impeachment proceedings currently going through the House are detrimental to the American public for a multitude of reasons, all of which end in a more divided America. 

While the grounds for impeachment, specifically in reference to the Ukraine-Biden scandal, are present, we can see that impeachment this close to an election is not going to be impactful and is taking focus away from policy within the larger discourse surrounding the election. 

When looking at whether or not impeachment is a beneficial path to take, it’s vital to look at its track record throughout American history. Only two American presidents have ever been impeached, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, and neither one of these cases actually led to the president being removed. Pursuing impeachment this close to the end of Donald Trump’s term is doomed to be ineffective. Even if he were to be successfully impeached, the question of whether he could actually be removed would remain unanswered all the way until the end of this term.

Not only does it make the impeachment proceedings a waste of government time and resources, but it also unnecessarily puts the Democrats in a bad light because they are the ones causing this. While the argument could be made that pushing Trump on this scandal is harming his public favorability on a national level, this benefit to the Democrats is completely negated by the fact that people within swing districts have more of a reason to vote Republican in the midterm election because of these proceedings. 

The much better path would be to simply push the facts of the scandal into the national view, especially during the debates. This way, the things that Trump has done remain a part of the national conversation without bringing all the negatives to the House Democrats or taking focus away from policy, which is really what the election should be focused on.

The details of the Ukraine scandal are relevant, and they should be a part of the national discourse as we move closer to the 2020 election. However, taking up resources to run an entire impeachment proceeding against Trump does nothing but harm both Democrats and the national conversation as a whole.

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