SGA election: Every vote counts

The Student Government Association has a long-standing tradition of electing new executive officers during the spring semester, about a month before Founders’ Day.

Like most student governmental systems, the election process allows students to vote for those candidates that they feel are better equipped in leading the student government.

Most of these candidates will have passion, dedication and commitment to serve and simply not leadership positions in other organizations. Needless to say, being in a leadership role does not make the leader a good leader. Positive leadership should always be defined as doing what is in the best interest of the collective good.

On Feb. 18 and 20, the Student Government Association will once again need your vote. You have a chance to choose leaders not based on anything but your convictions and concerns.
Voting is the process in which we can speak our minds and have our voices heard in a resounding way. When I go to vote in any election, I often ask myself about the issues that are prevalent within our communities. And I choose the candidate that I feel will better seek to resolve such issues.

As a senior at one of the top institutions of higher learning in the nation, I will tell you firsthand that we need better student life. Our advisement system needs to be updated so that students can have a mentoring relationship with their advisers.

As students we need to be aware of our student services, where they are located and how we can access them. Equally important, we need to know the deans and faculty representatives from our colleges, so that we can create a better working relationship with them.

With these needs answered, I promise that we will have a better student life and in turn have a stronger student government. With this peer system, perhaps one of the better systems ever to come to fruition, our student government will thrive like never before.

Such notions will progress your student government to a better year; it will constantly keep you educated, whether in class or in the Hub; the breadth of experience that your leaders will gain will be better implemented and, equally important, we will retain students within our educational system.

The Student Government Association over the last year has grown a lot and by voting on Tuesday and Thursday, you will allow your student government to grow even further.

I have a deep respect for the young men and women that stand up each year to lead the Student Government Association, because it is not easy.

I only ask that you get out and vote and join the team. By voting you will not only have your voices heard, you will also be showing support to our student leaders who are willing and ready to work on your behalf. So, on Feb. 18 and 20, don’t forget to get out and have your voice heard because every vote counts.
Respectfully submitted,
Don Holmes
Senior, English major