‘Doom Eternal’ is another great entry in the legendary series


Illustration by Emily Brinkman

Since 1993, the “Doom” series has entertained gamers with its high-octane shooting action and rocking soundtrack. 2016’s “Doom” revitalized the series for the modern age while still harkening back to old school level design and combat mechanics. “Doom Eternal” is no different. Not only is it a great sequel, but it is quite possibly one of the best shooters ever made.

In “Doom Eternal,”Earth has been overrun by the demonic forces of Hell. Only the Doom Slayer, a mysterious but powerful warrior, is capable of stopping the spread of evil. His quest to end this hellish invasion takes him not only to Earth, but across the galaxy as he searches for answers.

What’s most surprising about the story of “Doom Eternal” is its world building. as The universe of “Doom” is expanded in ways you would least expect, but it would be wise not to spoil the best bits here.

Still, this is a game about killing an assortment of demonic monsters with a large assortment of guns, and it’s where this sequel truly shines. Combat is fast, furious and requires on the fly thinking. Every bullet fired or dash made could be life or death, and the higher the difficulty, the more intense and rewarding the fights get. Making the most of the Doom Slayer’s mobility,weapons and abilities means he gets to fight another day.

The weapon choices are really something else. There are plenty of guns to use, each equipped with an alternate firing option. Additionally, things like performing glory kills, setting demons on fire and using the chainsaw can reward players with health, armor and ammo.

It’s not all rip and tear, though. There is a surprising amount of platforming in “Doom Eternal” that breaks up the action nicely. It also pays to search each level for secrets, as there are loads of different collectibles, cheat codes and upgrades to find.

On a technical level, the game is excellent. Never has post-apocalyptic Earth or the fiery landscapes of Hell looked so great, and the heavy metal/synth soundtrack heightens the action to astounding levels.

Astounding is the perfect way to describe “Doom Eternal”. From the moment the game starts, the action never lets up, and even after you put the controller down, you still want to destroy whatever comes the Doom Slayer’s way. Like all great sequels, “Doom Eternal” takes what worked before, improves upon it and sprinkles some new ideas and mechanics to keep things fresh.