Biden is a bad man with boring viewpoints


Illustration by Alexandria Moore.

Bernie Sanders may have endorsed Joe Biden, but that does not mean Sanders’ supporters should do the same. Sanders’ endorsement does not take away from Biden’s sketchy history. 

Eight women have spoken out against Biden, saying he physically touched them in ways that made them feel uncomfortable. Tara Reade said Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993. My beliefs have always told me to believe accusers, and these claims sound way too similar to Trump’s. That is something that will never change and it disgusts me to see how many Democrats in Mississippi I see willingly jumping on the Biden bandwagon. Why should I, someone in a red state with progressive values, vote for a moderate who has been accused of such things? There is no sense in it. 

I am not the one voter who is going to magically unite a country. I do not owe my presidential pick to the Democratic Party.

Sanders ending his campaign made this whole election seem kind of pointless. Everything just feels like a repeat of 2016, like the folks on the left who unrealistically think Biden is a shoe-in for the win. There has always been a political divide in America. It was not created by Trump, no matter how many other people claim otherwise. Biden’s unappealing, moderate ideas will not win voters.

I supported Sanders because he spoke to those left behind in the rat race of the nearly-unachievable American dream. Sanders endorsing Biden does not change Biden’s views on healthcare and education, so I see no point in supporting a candidate who has weak ideas. 

The Democratic Party is so outdated and wimpy with how they push these zombie-like candidates for nomination. The Democrats really learned nothing from Hillary Clinton’s loss and how name recognition does not mean a win. Biden being the most recognizable Democrat does not make him the best person to move our country forward. As mentioned by plenty of former candidates during the debates, Biden is old news. He might have changed some of his views over time thanks to pressure from his more progressive Democrats, but he has been on the wrong side of history too many times for me to ever feel comfortable with supporting him. 

Truthfully, maybe I would consider voting for Biden if I lived in a state where it mattered. However, Mississippi is not one of those states. Mississippi will never vote Democrat, so it makes no sense for me to put my beliefs aside to support an abuser just because he is not another abuser. 

Honestly, it feels gross even to talk about an election when there is a pandemic happening. People should be spending their time focusing on themselves and their families, not trying to convince ex-Sanders supporters that Biden is the way to go. There are other things at stake here.

I am not saying to not vote. Voting in local elections is still incredibly important. What I am saying is that voting for and supporting Biden makes no sense unless you just absolutely love him and want to ignore the eight women who have spoken out against him. When you vote in November, remember that write-ins are always an option.