Golden Eagle Spotlight: VP of Communications moves on to SGA President


This week’s Golden Eagle Spotlight goes to the Southern Miss Student Government Association Vice President of Communications Ashley Lankford, who serves as the 2022-2023 SGA president elect. 

Lankford wants to use her tenure as president to help each member of SGA to create the best student government for Southern Miss.

“This year, I’m really going to focus on empowering the student leaders from freshman associates all the way up to, you know, communications team, Judicial Board [and] Senate members,” Lankford said.

Also, her tenure will serve the students most of all, and she used her “Seymour” campaign to question students about what they wanted to see more on campus.

“You say what you want to see more of, and then, it’ll be my job as president to make sure that we’re voicing those and advocating for you behind closed doors or out in public,” Lankford said. “So, Seymour [see more] will be allowing me to talk to students like you or talk to students who are watching this [Golden Eagle Spotlight] right now and really get them to tell me what they want to see more of.”

If students have any ideas about what they want to see, Lankford urges students to visit the second floor of the LSR office goofing around with her or even around campus because students will definitely see more of her soon.

For information about Ashley Lankford or SGA, visit the Southern Miss SGA website or the social media accounts at SouthernMissSGA.