Vulgar Easter video ignites controversy

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

With Fox’s X-rated Easter Bunny video stirring up controversy on the internet, some people are wondering what Easter is really about. The lewd video went live on Fox’s Animation Domination High Def (ADHD) website nights ago and although it did not air on a television network, it has been cancelled.

The video itself is actually pretty disturbing. However, it is pretty obvious this video was a joke aimed at the large Easter industry that, shockingly, even Christians take part in. In fact, for hundreds of thousands of years before greeting cards and Cadbury eggs, many different cultures have recognized the significance of Easter to farming, fertility and new beginnings.

If you combine the original beliefs and add the industry of Peeps candy and bunny rabbits, then you have the video “The Easter Bunny’s Coming,” which describes sexual encounters in a beastialic manner and also features the consumption of feces. Even worse, they say the F-word a lot.

But, what’s the big deal? It aired at 11 p.m., when children should have been in bed, and it aired on the internet as opposed to the television. The argument that it is vulgar pretty much goes right out the window. However, parents are still furious. More than the clip’s vulgar lyrics and images, it has managed to anger Christian and Jewish parents who say that their religions were targeted and disrespected in the making of this animated clip.
Furthermore, ADHD has never been known for their wholesome, family-oriented animation clips. Several of them are sexual or vulgar in nature. Their video “Childhood Ruined” depicts a little girl telling children that their childhoods were lies and includes that many childhood favorites were pedophiles and wrote their characters pornographically. Another video, “Cat Club,” depicts superhero cats that go to strip clubs and get wasted. Each video contains at least one offensive slur against a targeted group of people such as children, writers, Christians, Jews, etc. The videos also contain many swear words. I am absolutely positive that these videos are not for children.

The real problem is parents who let their children watch these videos because they have no idea what they are about, or there are parents who are never present to monitor their children. The internet is full of vulgar, pornographic, violent and unsettling material. There is a reason that parental filters exist—and these parents, if they are going to be offended by the internet, should take more care to ensure that their children are only visiting sites that are wholesome or don’t challenge or disrespect their beliefs. Because, obviously, that is how we should all live; in a box surrounded by all the things that make us comfortable. To view the video go to