Rough first half for the Golden Eagles

Despite the USM football team possessing a stout defense capable of holding its own, a shaky offense has given the Golden Eagles a tough first half in their opening ball game against the Texas State Bobcats.

An young offense displayed their inexperience as they allowed the Bobcats’ pass rush to put pressure on Bridgford, first-year Coach Monken’s pick for starting QB. Providing rushers with running space has also proven difficult as USM’s three running backs – Bracken, Hardy and Hester – have combined for only 31 yards.

Bridgford has proven he is somewhat consistent, having completed half of his passes (he is 12 of 24 going into the second half). But he has trouble with the long ball, his longest pass of the first half being 31 yards. Making matters worse, the offense has had three fumbles and lost all of them to the Bobcats’ defense.

With USM’s time of possession being 7:04 less than that of Texas State’s, the defense has seen a lot of the field. Consequently they wore out and yielded one touchdown.

Texas State leads USM 14-3 going into the second half.