Retired Facebook Apps bring nostalgia

In glorious days past, social media giant Facebook offered more for its users than the ability to just creep on embarrassing, freshman high school photos of one’s friends.

Facebook previously offered users the ability to customize their profile with the use of applications such as games and tools for creating masterpieces. After all, who didn’t want to outdo their friends on painting the most impressive Graffiti drawing?

In honor of the best Facebook apps that we’ve loved and lost, here are some of our favorite Facebook applications. Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone.

FarmVille: “I played FarmVille freshman and sophomore year of high school. It was very addicting. You used money that was given to you to buy land and raise crops. You had to be consistent with it to avoid your plants dying, though. I would ask people to play along and help my farm, and the other people who played it would help.” -Mary Sturdivant, senior elementary education major

Pieces of Flair: My favorite was the Pieces of Flair. There was a cork board where you typed in little buttons with pictures or words that you wanted to find. I liked looking at my favorite TV shows and movies to find pins that went with them. I spent a lot of time organizing the board because I wanted it to be pretty and for the colors to match. I also didn’t want all the pins of the same things to be in the same place.” -Jordan Nettles, junior English major

Happy Aquarium: “It’s an online aquarium that you get and you start off with a few coins and you go to the “store” and buy fish. And then you get more points for cleaning others tanks and performing games with the fish. The higher level you get to, the more unique and cool fish that it unlocks. So I have like a rainbow shark and a glow in the dark jelly fish. And you can personalize your tank with different coloured rocks and props like seaweed and stuff. I also have a fairy statue and a rainbow in my tank that I won. So lame.” -Melanie Russell, senior speech pathology major

Honorable mentions:

Honesty Box: This small dialogue box allowed someone to send anonymous messages to his or her Facebook friends. On the upside, Honesty Box let people tell their crushes they were cute without revealing their identities. On the downside, it provided bullies an easy way to reach their targets while hiding behind a keyboard, much like modern day anonymous posting applications.

Graffiti: Some days, you just wanted to draw a picture to post on your friend’s wall to remind them you loved them. On those days, Graffiti pulled us through. This app was like a mini-version of Paint for Facebook, and hours could be spent in creating the perfect doodle.

Superpoke: Although you may not be able to physically comfort a friend on a bad day, Superpoke made it possible to virtually “Send a hug” to your bestie. With a range of actions that completely blew regular “poking” out of the water, Superpoke allowed users to “shank,” “share a drink with,” or even “throw a sheep at” any of their friends.