Campus police arrest student for social media threat

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Twenty-year-old Brandon Hardin, a business major at The University of Southern Mississippi, was arrested Monday night for posting an anonymous threat to the Hattiesburg campus on the social media application Yik Yak.

The anonymous post read: “The red will flow tomorrow in JGH. I recommend missing class.” The post was in reference to Tuesday. 

Hardin’s post threatened the USM community as well as Joseph Greene Hall Tuesday. According to the University Police Department, he is being charged with posting a computer threat to cause injury, which is a felony offense. 

Hardin is now placed on interim suspension with the university, while UPD continues the investigation following an interview with Hardin. There is no comment about him facing expulsion from Southern Miss. UPD Detective Captain Rusty Keyes said there is no further evidence to suggest why Hardin made
the threatening post. 

According to UPD, there is no further evidence or information that suggests a threat to the campus. 

“We are pleased that we are close to a resolution in this case,” said Bob Hopkins, university police chief, according to a USM press release. “The quick arrest is a credit to good and efficient detective work.” 

Keyes said UPD has the resources available to trace someone. “Everything you post on social media is traceable,” he said.