Fashion Week dilemma, style rules we shouldn’t live by

Kendall Jenner with a slit dress.
Kendall Jenner with a slit dress.

Fashion week is an art form and an inspiration to many with its flashing lights, techno music and wafer-like models. Every fall and spring, designers forecast unique looks and a new wave of trends is born for the fast fashion industry to replicate less expensive items. It all sounds extremely glamorous and debonair to the general public. I am by no means a fashion maven, but I do think fashion week (may I remind you, there is four for fall, four for spring- New York, Paris, London, Milan) is intimidating to many young men and women on this campus whom spend their paycheck buying Piko tops, Catherine Popesco bracelets, Levi jeans and American Apparel v-necks.

When well-known designers forecast trends, they establish what will be popular for the upcoming season. So, they are the bigwigs who set the style rules. Every time I am browsing in a boutique, I overhear women talking about what is in style this season and how a trend is not really their taste, but it’s in style, so she will probably buy it. That’s okay, right? It is okay if you want a bunch of impulse-buy pieces in your closet. Good luck getting dressed in the morning.

Like, who the heck is 3.1 Phillip Lim or Caroline Herrera? Exactly. Although many fashionistas know these prestigious designers create beautiful silhouettes, they cannot always predict what we will want to wear for the next season. Here is my brutal honesty and some rules you shouldn’t live by when shopping for fall pieces.

For the women:

A-line dresses

Well, this trend isn’t surprising. Not only do A-line dresses flatter almost every body shape, but they also are a classic wardrobe piece. A-line cut has been trending for quite some time now- so it is not technically a trend. Invest in a black A-line dress and call it a day.


Fabric of the moment: wool knits

The fabric of the season is wool- specifically wool coats. Although this a great look that keeps one warm, wool is itchy as any fabric can get. But, slipping it on a model with a wine lipstick pout should be more appealing and simply chic, right designers? Invest in a well-tailored coat that is timeless and won’t have you scratching throughout the day.


Trippy Psychedelic 

I am all for some vintage pieces. They give anyone’s wardrobe a surprising twist. But, just try not to gag. These psychedelic prints make me feel like I have just stepped into a 70s music video, Go-Go boots included. If you do decide to cave for this trend, wear it sparingly. You might as well flip your hair outward and call yourself Farrah Fawcett.


The evening look- thigh slit 

This trend could be totally chic if I was standing up the entire time for a formal event…yet what about the formal dinner? I am curious as to how you sit in a thigh-slit skirt without baring all lady parts to other guests. I would opt for a classy little black dress (LBD) or high-waist pants with a power blazer.

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For the men: 

Slim slacks 

Slim slacks are a hipster classic staple, so I know why these are hitting the runway after the show “Portlandia” aired. Although slim slacks are a practical workwear piece and a different look for men, they are not for every man. If you have some junk in your trunk, I suggest sticking to what you know best- the trousers your father would wear.


GQ said men are sporting extra-large, pashmina-like swathes of fabric around their necks. For the men I know, they would take a look at a manket and decide to wrap themselves in it for an afternoon nap. Men, just stay away from this trend- it’s borderline Eskimo and just plain weird.

Orange is the new black

Orange or tangerine (in the fashion world) is a big color for fall for men and women. While it is a striking color, it should be used in small doses, not to wear an athletic suit that mimics a prison jumpsuit. For this trend, men could sport a button down or some stylish slim pants.

Quilted jackets 

This trends reminds me of the ‘80s “Back to the Future” movie with its cheap-looking fabric and futuristic appeal. Quilted jackets, if not done correctly, makes me cringe, especially on men. You are a brave soul if you try this trend.

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Although my ruthless honesty is not intended to please everyone, I do believe I make some valid points about the fashion world. Many designers have amazing talents and produce beautiful collections, but there is a blurry line between what are trends and what are classics. There is a blurry line from season to season when trends are “in” for two seasons in a row. It is all just downright confusing and a bit ridiculous for people to understand.

So to ease to your fashion insecurities, use trends as a guide to your wardrobe, not a checklist. If you like a particular trend, buy one piece and find different ways to wear it. Don’t buy a thigh-slit skirt just because all your friends are wearing it. You do not have to feel pressured by society. Stand out because conformity is lame. Wear what makes you happy and comfortable. After all, nothing screams a cool style more than someone who rocks his or her individuality.