Republicans cannot afford a shutdown

CNN reported that the disagreement about immigration could create another government shutdown because some Republicans could get mad over the president’s overreaching executive action, but the government will not shut down again, or it should not if the Republicans are smart.

“We went down the government shutdown route a year ago,” said Representative Tom Cole (R – Oklahoma). “It didn’t work, and I think a lot of people recall that don’t think it’s wise to repeat that exercise. We’ve got a lot more than just a sledgehammer in the toolbox, and so let’s use some of these other weapons that we have.”

Yes, the Republicans should leave the building and construction to Bob the Builder and Tim “the Toolman” Taylor. The Republicans need to focus on not compromising the powerful political position they are in, and if this means allowing a few liberties for Obama, then go ahead.

Of course, every Republican will say they are going to fight tooth-and-nail against Obama. That’s fine, but they should play their cards carefully, not allowing Harry Reid in his last moments as Senate majority leader to make a fool of them.

They can do this by not listening to dim-wit Michele Bachman (R – Minnesota). “We want the government fully funded.” This statement is good. “But that particular area needs to be defunded.” This statement is bad. “We don’t want a government shutdown at all.” This statement is good. “But,” oh no, Bachman, “we’re going to super-scalpel on that area where the president is acting illegally.”

Her sage advice will have people regretting their votes from Nov. 4.

Her attack plan is foolish, and thankfully the Republicans and America will not have to deal with her having “representative” in front of her name since she is removed in January.

The Republicans have two plans of action. One, avoid a shutdown by making yet another compromise. If they have to pony up a little bit of money to keep the government running until they can take the reins from Reid’s shriveled hands, then so be it.

It won’t be the first, nor will it be the last time Republicans compromise. The second thing they must do is create a persuasive argument as to why they are the correct choice.

Because they can be right, but if they are not convincingly right, then they mean nothing. Since immigration is potentially the issue that will keep the Republican Party a national party or sink it to state level oblivion, it’s important that they do not ruin their chances of governing before they begin.

So, Republicans, prove me right, and do not shut the government down.