Charities give Hub City chance to donate

salvation armyNow that the holidays are in full swing, so, too, is the spirit of giving and goodwill toward men.

That is the spirit The Salvation Army of Hattiesburg and Christian Services want to foster through various events and services throughout the month of December.

The Hattiesburg Salvation Army will host the annual Angel Tree program, which provides gifts like new clothes and toys to thousands of children who would most likely not receive much for Christmas. The Angel Tree program allows the Hattiesburg community to share with those less fortunate. The opportunity to donate to the Angel Tree program ends Dec. 11, and those interested can donate at Turtle Creek Mall.

Families who submitted applications through the Social Services program of The Salvation Army are represented on paper angels. These paper angels are then taken to the mall and placed on a tree. Shoppers may then choose which families to donate to via selection of a paper angel, and once they have bought the requested item or items, will return those items to the Angel Tree.

The Salvation Army will also put on The Christmas Kettle program, which helps raise money for The Salvation Army, funding Christmas programs and other annual activities and programs. The Christmas Kettle program aims at financially supporting the Salvation Army, and it will continue through to Dec. 24.

The Salvation Army’s goals include helping by giving, and a great day to do so will be Christmas Distribution Day on Dec. 19 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Hattiesburg Salvation Army. Volunteers will distribute Christmas food boxes to eligible individuals and families. Boxes will be filled with ingredients needed to prepare a holiday meal.

Christian Services of Hattiesburg will host the annual Birthday Party for Jesus event Dec. 13 at 10 a.m. at the Ben McNair Community Center. Directed toward children, the event will include games, gifts and fun activities. People can donate toys, candy, money and physical help. Children attending will receive lunch, a goodie bag, a stuffed animal and a new toy along with the memories made at the program.

On Dec. 23 from 12 p.m. til 1 p.m., Christian Services will distribute its pre-ordered food deliveries to those who purchased the monthly low-cost meals offered by OneHarvest Food Ministries.

Both organizations, The Salvation Army and Christian Services, will need volunteers and donations for their big events in December. Community members are encouraged to participate in the events hosted during the holidays.

For requests to participate or volunteer in programs and events, Christian Services of Hattiesburg can be contacted at (601) 582-5683 and The Salvation Army in Hattiesburg can be contacted at (601) 544-3684.