President’s speech ignored on 4 TV networks

Oftentimes, people sensationalize a moment in history, making something seem much larger and more important than it actually is.

If they do not sensationalize it, they create misleading content, such as the media when they use captivating headlines.

Obama held a press conference recently, in which he shared his immigration plan. The plan is important, with some saying the president should use more power because of a Congress drowned in gridlock, and others saying he is doing too much and overreaching.

But a lot of people do not know the president held a speech because four major networks did not show Obama’s speech. CBS, Fox, NBC and ABC did not air the president’s immigration plan. Online news junkies said this lack of airing the speech is a slap in the face to public decency and public knowledge everywhere. Other sites joke that since the speech is nonsense then they should not air it.

Either way, these people are making mountains out of ant hills. The networks not showing the speech is irrelevant because the cable news networks showed the speech and the transformation of how people obtain their media.

CBS showed “The Big Bang Theory,” NBC played “The Biggest Loser,” Fox aired “Bones” and ABC had the fall finale for “Grey’s Anatomy” already scheduled.

It would make no sense to show the president. Fox showed it on Fox News and NBC showed it on MSNBC. An ABC spokesman said, “ABC is not carrying the president’s address on the television network—it will be carried on all our ABC News digital platforms, including Apple TV, and radio.” This means that there were plenty of opportunities for people to see the speech.

More importantly, there’s the Internet. People could watch the speech via a variety of Internet sources. The only thing stopping anyone who wanted to watch the speech from watching it is that person. TV stations shouldn’t have to disrupt their schedules to show something that already has places to show it.