Civil War lectures resurrect the past

On Tuesday, Sept. 3, more than 70 students and faculty were in attendance for the first lecture of the Civil War Lecture Series.

The University Libraries-sponsored events are the first of many to come during the school year.

The first lecture provided an intimate look into the lives of Civil War soldiers.

Jennifer Brannock, rare book curator for the libraries, received a Gilder Lehrman grant earlier this year for programming. She decided to use the grant to fund the University Libraries Civil War Lecture Series.

“There will be lectures for every interest,” Brannock said. “I hope students will come and learn.”

The lectures will cover various topics from slave insurrection to food during the Civil War.

“I hope the lectures will also highlight the libraries Civil War collection,” Brannock said.

The collection includes hundreds of books that were published during the Civil War era from 1961-1965.

Books in the collection include children’s books that were published during that era and textbooks for confederate children.

All lectures will be given by USM professors. “The professors speaking in the lecture series know their stuff,” Brannock said.

For those interested, the Cook and McCain libraries also have display exhibits for the Civil War Lecture Series.

All lectures will be held in the Cook Library Art Gallery through Oct. 1. Lectures will begin at 6 p.m. and light refreshments will be served.

Students and faculty interested in attending any of the lecture series events can contact Jennifer Brannock at [email protected]