Snapchat Rolls Out Useful Discover Feature


Snapchat’s already congested app has added a new feature, but this time it’s actually useful.

The app’s latest feature, Discover, allows users to access news content called “editions,” consisting of video, text and photography from 12 media companies, including Snapchat.

Other companies consist of Comedy Central, Vice and Daily Mail. Though it’s limited, there is a great variety of news to test if the feature pleases Snapchat users.

Snapchat typically targets the 13-to-25-year-old age demographic. Companies such as National Geographic, Cosmopolitan and ESPN attract those age groups, as well as others, but if someone really wanted news from a company, wouldn’t they just visit that company’s app?

Snapchat refuses to refer to “Discover” as social media. NPR said social media sites such as Facebook and Reddit measure the impact of a story in “likes,” shares and upvotes, creating a second layer of gatekeepers. Discover puts power in the hands of news consumers to decide when and what they want to view.

With Discover, Snapchat steps away from social media and returns to a traditional method of delivery — straight from the editorial team of a news organization into the hands of consumers, without a social media filter. But will social-savvy millennials take kindly to this?” NPR reports.

Snapchat often sends Team Snapchat messages consisting of advertisements for the company. Their advertisement for Discover was intriguing and innovative.

I think the feature is great for catching up on news from your favorite websites, especially since video and audio can be a lot more convenient than reading when trying to catch up on news between classes.

Although I already have a CNN app and I don’t really care about Food Network news, I’m willing to give Discover a chance. It’s a good way to see if I like different news sources.

After playing around with the app I’ve realized that some of the news included in Discover isn’t available on certain companies’ websites.

Cosmopolitan released a new video called “Mutts and Butts,” which is a hilarious story about a woman’s obsession with men and canines. I couldn’t find the video on Cosmo’s website and Youtube said that the video was not available in America.

All news posted in Discover is replaced after 24 hours, so Snapchat is staying true to its reputation of disappearing information. I appreciate the feature, but I just wish the app were more organized.

Snapchat’s design makes it aggravating to navigate the app.

The app is too congested to have multiple features. First Snapcash and now this.

If the app had tiles for each feature and kept the swiping motions within each feature, it would appear more organized. I’m too lazy to swipe left and right multiple times just to reach different features. It’s inconvenient.

I understand wanting to convey the simplicity of the app, but if Snapchat plans to add anymore features, redesigning should be considered.