SGA Elections to Take Place Next Week


SGA elections will be held on March 3rd and 5th of next week.

Presidential Candidates:

Jeffrey George

Junior Political Science Major

Former SGA Experience:
Current SGA President
Freshman Associates President

I believe the experience I have gained in the past year sets me up to continue to lead SGA.  I love being able to meet students every day and advocate for them, which is what I hope to continue to do and continue to represent our students to the administration. (I want to) fight to make your experience better on a day-to-day basis, because I’ve had such a great experience at Southern Miss.”

Matt Balcer

Junior Communications Studies Major

Former SGA Experience:
Executive Director of Events
SGA Cabinet
Freshman Finale Director
Freshman Associates

I’d like to install printing kiosks on campus. I’d also like to explore a system called MoneyMate, used at many larger schools. I would like to reach out to students that aren’t as tended to (and perhaps) start a branch in the SGA Cabinet that explores getting transfer students involved. I’d also like to begin a program reaching out to international students that pairs them with local students.

Attorney General Candidates:

J.D. Rimann

Junior History and English Double Major

Former SGA Experience:
Current Judicial Board member
Senator for Arts and Letters
SGA Senate
SGA Philanthropy Commission

I want to continue pushing out what the AG office can do through social media.  I also want to let freshmen know how the judicial board can help them, which ties into the ‘visibility’ part of my platform. The advocacy part ties into the idea that the AG is an advocate for the student. For the individual student, who perhaps has issues with a faculty member, parking, etc., the attorney general advises and advocates for the student in that situation.

Quinton Cross

Freshman Broadcast Journalism Major

Former SGA Experience:
Freshman Associates Council

I am a well-rounded person, I know how to listen. I can communicate with you and bring your concerns in a professional manner. I am also very passionate and I’ll be available to the students any time, any day.

Autumn Sobel

Sophomore History Major

Former SGA Experience:
Vice-Chairman of Judicial Board
Judicial Board, Chair of Student Initiatives

I am running because I have a clear understanding of the student body’s needs in terms of parking. I believe I can advocate for them effectively as well as listen to new ideas and concerns. I believe students should vote for me because I’m very dedicated to Southern Miss and its students.

Treasurer Candidates:

Blake Dunaway

Junior Finance Major

Former SGA Experience:
Associate Director for The Big Event
SGA Cabinet
Freshman Council Advisor

This next year, one of the main things I want to accomplish is having two events, one in the fall and one in the spring, that benefit the Foundation directly. Another thing I want to accomplish is have the Philanthropy Commission be more involved with SGA. No matter the branch, I believe having the entire student government unified will create transparency within the student government as well as to students on and off campus.

Bradley Floore

Junior Finance and Accounting Double Major

Former SGA Experience:
Policies and Procedures Committee
SGA Senate

If elected, I promise to lead with integrity, increase SGA fiscal transparency, and listen to the student body’s voice. Specifically, I want all students to understand how SGA is working to better their lives, and numbers are a clear way to do just that. I would like to periodically update the student body on what money is being spent for which student activities programs and how it benefits them.

SGA elections will be held on March 3rd and 5th of next week.