Police Shooting of Homeless Man Reveals A Lot About America

In a scuffle involving about six officers, Los Angeles police shot and killed a homeless man Sunday afternoon.

A video of the shooting has been circulating widely on social media, particularly on Facebook, in which viewers can see the homeless man resist apprehension and potentially reach for one of the officers’ firearms. After an officer yells, “Gun, gun, he’s got my gun,” another fires multiple rounds into the man, identified by L.A. residents as “Africa.”

Africa had been living in a tent on the streets of L.A. for some time, and according to witnesses, police tried to use a taser on him as well as drag him out from his tent after Africa refused to obey them.

The main point everyone has been debating was whether or not lethal force was justified since Africa may have reached for one of the officers’ guns.

My main point is that senselessly beating the man shouldn’t have begun in the first place.

Why is America so obsessed with ignoring the homeless problem rather than solving it? Why do we let officers treat homeless people in such hostile ways? Why do our city governments spend thousands, even millions, of taxpayer dollars to fund benches and other areas that prevent the homeless from taking up residency there, instead of using that money to help them?

There are other videos and incidents documented online that show police brutality against homeless persons, most of whom have mental disabilities or are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The situation has become so ridiculous that “South Park” producers Trey Parker and Matt Stone had an entire episode devoted to the homeless problem in America.

Our country is corrupt and morally deplorable if we care more about ourselves and less about unfortunate human beings living in the streets.

In L.A., it’s acceptable for the homeless to pitch tents and sleep in them from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., but at 6 your unwanted, dirty hobo butt better get packing because apparently the city of Los Angeles prefers a cleaner, more aesthetic city, as opposed to a city that gives a crap about its less fortunate residents.

Hence, police disturb Africa, and when he resists, he is shot down like a dog in the street.

I’ve seen a lot of messed up things, but this one ticked me off. For what people around me like to call a “Christian nation,” most folks in the U.S. seem to have their values out of whack. This is truly a shameful and sad time.