Cook Library to Celebrate National Library Week


Next week The University of Southern Mississippi’s Joseph A. Cook Library will host a series of events in celebration of National Library Week. The celebration is a weeklong affair that aims to bring attention to our nation’s many libraries and librarians as well as promote library use and support.

Events will include an edible book festival, a library fine amnesty day when student can return overdue books free of charge, a book sale and other activities that celebrate the importance of libraries. The celebration was instituted nationally by the American Library Association, and libraries throughout the country find their own ways to celebrate it.

The purpose of participating in this national event is to bring attention to the services and events we have going here at Cook Library,” said Dawn Smith, assistant to the Dean for Publicity and Outreach. “We will also be highlighting our different departments so that the campus can see the people behind our services.”

As college students, we spend a lot of time in the library,” said Taylor Herring, senior history major.

What many students don’t realize, though, is that Cook Library contains many more resources than just the study rooms or computers. We have an awesome staff of librarians who are sincerely willing to help with research or class projects. Not to mention, Cook holds over one million books. Its resources and staff are top-notch, and I think National Library Week will help students realize what all our library has to offer.”

The celebration will begin on Monday with an edible book festival at Cook Library Learning Commons Gallery and will end on Friday with a celebration of National Repository Day in Cook Library Room 123. With the exception of the library fine amnesty day, all events are open to the public.

Monday, April 13

Edible Book Festival, Cook Library Learning Commons Gallery

Tuesday, April 14 – between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Library Fine Amnesty Day

Only available for overdue fines on items that are brought in that day

(fines already accrued, replacement charges, non-refundable billing fees are excluded

Only available for undergraduate, graduate and ELI students )

Wednesday, April 15

Book Sale, Cook Library Art Gallery

Thursday, April 16

Book Sale, Cook Library Art Gallery

Friday, April 17

Book Sale, Cook Library Art Gallery

Institutional Repository Day, Cook Library Room 123