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Battle for best burger in the ‘Burg

Battle for best burger in the ‘Burg

The Gamble Burger ( 4.5 stars)

This burger comes racked with homemade chili, cheddar cheese sauce, sour cream, jalapenos, and lettuce … $8.99
The setting for Mugshots is perfect for a guy like me.
It is a sports bar with TV’s everywhere.Literally, everywhere.
Every booth has its own personal TV.
There is even a sports ticker behind the bar with all the latest sports news and betting lines.
The Gamble burger is simply amazing.
It combines a unique set of flavors; it is spicy with the jalapenos, creamy, salty, cheesy and sweet due to the sourdough bread.
All these great flavors are packed into one delicious burger.
The burger loses a bit of its appeal because of the chili.
It becomes an absolute mess to eat and you will end up using a ton of napkins.
But the chili is  what sets off the flavor so you really cannot complain.
The service is pretty top notch and the food comes out rather quickly.
The only downfall is how busy the restaurant gets so there is usually is a wait to be seated during the dinner rush.
You simply cannot beat the Gamble burger’s price.
It is a massive burger that will fill you up before you even touch your fries. $8.99 is simply a steal for this burger.
-Joshua Campbell

The Dome Burger ( 2.5 stars)

The best aspect of this experience was the setting.
Guests eat in a building that used to power the university, and it was one of the earliest buildings on the USM campus.
The setting is fantastic, but the food wasn’t as great as anticipated.
The french fries tasted as though they’d been baked over a campfire, but at the very least that burger was superb.
It probably should have been cooked a little longer, but the bacon, cheese and onions made up for that.
Main complaint was the service seemed kind of sub-par.
Nonetheless, Power House and its Dome Burger are highly recommended.
– Alan Rawls

The J-Burger ( 5 stars)

So, a burger with egg usually turns me away. I’m typically a ‘meat’ burger person meaning solely burger and bacon, but this time I dared myself to attempt something new, very
So a burger topped with American cheese, red onions, dill pickles, Sriracha mayo and fried egg sounded mildly disgusting to me.
Typically buns can make or break a burger and these buns definitely made this burger, very soft it was like grabbing clouds topped with sesame seeds.
The burger itself was perfectly prepared and the toppings were superb and not overpowering.
The crowd was nothing that turned you off very laid back and playing trivia but only on Wednesdays.
Overall the burger plus atmosphere and price definitely a five in my book.
Courtland Wells

The Veggie J-Burger ( 5 stars)

What happens when you take a J-Burger from the Thirsty Hippo, make it listen to The Smiths and graduate with a minor in Environmental Ethics?
You get the J-Burger..made vegetarian.
Veggie burgers are typically hit-or-miss, but this burger has some meaty ambition.
What I expected was a chewy, straight–out–the– microwave patty, but what I received resembled something like its carnivorous cousin.
Complete with American cheese, Sriracha mayo and a fried egg, the house-made delicacy delivered.
The patty is a medley of red beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, almonds, oats and garlic.
The blend comes together with the Sriracha mayo to create a dynamic, cohesive flavor that– much like a sizzling romance – makes you forget the bad experiences of your past. The crisp texture would nearly fool an unsuspecting eye.
It came with potato chips, slaw or three-bean salad.
Being that potato chips are pretty runoff-the-mill and the only way to eat slaw is to throw it away, I got the three-bean salad.
The kidney, cannellini and garbanzo beans were glazed in a citrusy lemon-herb vinaigrette – a side that took me from the left field with its right hook.
The overall atmosphere of the Hippo is a bit like the J-Burger itself – an overall good time that’ll bring you back for more.
Even if you aren’t a believer of the veggie burger just yet, you can’t go wrong for $9.
-Ardan Thornhill

The Jalapeno Burger & The Jalapeno Burger ( 4 stars)

Honestly, Georgia Blue should have garnered 5 stars, but more than $10 for a burger just doesn’t sound right, and the flavor would have been better if the burger hadn’t been a little too greasy. That being said, the Blues Burger and the Jalapeno Burger were both jampacked with savory flavor, and the service at this restaurant is excellent.
Furthermore Georgia Blue has a laid-back music setting—football on the TVs but classic rock and blues blaring in the background.
All in all, if you’ve never been to Georgia Blue, you’re missing out.
– Alan Rawls
Hawaiian BBQ Burger ( 3.5 stars)
Order a burger with pineapples under its hood and some might call your palette eccentric.
Order one topped with pineapples, jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and barbecue sauce and your friends’ opinions don’t matter; you now have gold between two jalapeno cheddar buns.
The Keg and Barrel’s Hawaiian BBQ Burger comes with two sides: fries and imminent heartburn.
If there were ever such a thing as a “good” kind of heartburn, this would be it—satisfying and well worth the extra money you just shucked out for the coldest drink available.
The crowd can be hit-or-miss, depending on the day of the week, but the Keg has a bursting pub atmosphere that alone makes the place a part of the Hattiesburg grub hub canon.
– Jesse Hammett

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Battle for best burger in the ‘Burg