VP Pierce heads to Alabama

VP Pierce heads to Alabama

Last week The University of Southern Mississippi announced that Bob Pierce, the vice president for advancement, will be stepping down from his current position and making a lateral move to the University of Alabama.

Pierce, a Southern Miss alumnus, has spent the majority of his career working at USM, initially as the assistant director of development for athletic fundraising in 1994-1995, before becoming the executive director of the Southern Miss Alumni Association. He was the executive director of the USM Foundation before being named the vice president for advancement.

“Bob Pierce is an experienced leader in university advancement who will bring an outstanding record in fundraising, as well as energy and enthusiasm, to the University of Alabama,” said Stuart Bell, University of Alabama president. “We are looking forward to having him join our team.”

Pierce completed a master’s degree in advertising and public relations at the University of Alabama. He was recognized as the Class of 2003 Outstanding Graduate Student in Advertising and Public Relations. Pierce is excited for his position. “I am thrilled to be returning to the University of Alabama to join President Bell’s team and lead development efforts,” Pierce said.

“There is tremendous fundraising potential at (the University of Alabama), and I am confident that a focused, driven president like Dr. Bell and the strong leadership group he has in place will continue the upward trajectory set in motion by the (previous) administrations.

“I look forward to getting to Tuscaloosa as soon as possible so that we can formulate and execute a sound, long-term fundraising plan for the benefit of the university as well as its faculty, staff and students.”Pierce

According to a press release, University of Southern Mississippi President Rodney Bennett explained that Pierce’s position will not be filled, but its duties will instead be folded into the Office of the Vice President of External Affairs, headed by fellow USM alumnus Chad Driskell.

“Moving forward, I am not planning to refill the position of vice president for advancement,” Bennett said. “Instead, I will take this opportunity to downsize the university’s administrative structure and reassign the management responsibilities of the Southern Miss Alumni Association and the USM Foundation. This change will allow us to reallocate resources to create additional front-line positions, enabling us to reach more alumni and friends of the university on a regular basis.”