Students taste cuisine from around the globe

The Office of International Programs hosted an international tasting session for students interested in studying abroad. Each dish included in the Exchange Your World taste session represented one of the countries students can go to for an exchange program.
“It’s really important (that) students who are interested in going on exchange programs have a chance to meet other students who have gone on exchange programs or student who are from those countries because it gives them a better perspective a well-rounded things,” said Hannah Jones, study abroad coordinator.
As students tasted the foods they also learned more information about the country and the experiences of living in that country as part of an exchange program. Following the event sophomore graphic design major Alyshia Rodgers realized she would potentially like to study abroad in Spain.
“I’m always interested in other cultures and I love food, so what better way to get in other cultures than by tasting all the cultures and getting to meet other people from other cultures and learning about their lifestyles,” Rodgers said.
Amy Alston, sophomore exercise science major, will participate in the exchange program at Swansea University in the upcoming spring semester. For her, this event was a preview for what she will experience during her semester in Wales.
“I came to get an idea of what type of food I will be exposed to whenever I go to Swansea.Food has always been very appealing to me. “It’s a very different way to get exposed to a lot of different things besides just seeing things.” – Alston
In addition to the tasting event, the Office of International Programs plans to host many more events that will allow students to experience other cultures and show them ways in which studying abroad can enhance their college experience.
The application deadline for spring 2015 exchange programs is Sept. 25. For more information on how you can study abroad visit