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The voice of and for USM students


The voice of and for USM students


Student Shoutouts

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I love you Courtney McNichols! You are an inspiration to so many and I am so grateful to have met you 🙂 Sincerely, Your most favorite RA ever, Bailey 🙂

Y’all ready for that “Footgame” game against Arkansas? #PrideAllin

3rd Semester Nursing School Faculty– how about you actually teach instead of having us do your lectures?

Dear salad bar lady, I seriously just want cheese on my grits in the morning, why won’t you just let me have some cheese??

Vote Eryka Wallace as Miss Southern Miss 2013!

Go Southern Miss Golden Eagles! Eat those Razorbacks this weekend! p.s. equipment managers are my fav! If you know one, hug one!

Cuddle season is nearing fast so tip #10: choose wisely remember this guy or gal will be on your side for a while. No one wants a hopper!!!!! Stay tuned for #9-1.

One of the organizations on campus need to do something that will give Southern Miss students back their school spirit, because it has truly faded!! 🙁

DJ Slozz at The Yellow Fiddle Saturday the 14th. Right across the highway from The Rock. 10pm.

Wanna be a Stage Monkey? USM’s comedy improv troupe is looking for new members! Come to auditions on Thursday, September 12, from 7-9pm in JGH 116, and get ready for a fun night that just might change your life!

Shoutout to all of the people that were just blessed with those refunds. I cannot wait to get on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and see y’all “straight flexin” all up and down my timeline!

Shoutout to the rude workers in Hillcrest….just because you hate your boss doesn’t mean you can say good morning back! I mean, how can you have the best food on campus but the nastiest attitudes…SMH

There may come a time when we win a game again, but it is not this day.

Good Luck to my stud of a bf on the football team #14…I know you will do awesome! I love you signed…your Harvey Dent;)

Did you know that The Pride is letting YOU the fans vote on the music for our second show for Oct. 5th? Head over to the USM’s School of Music website to vote. (Voting ends Aug. 30). #PrideAllin

Hey HOT TAMALE!! Thanks for all your hard work – I’m proud of you! Is your hair still full of secrets? #airportprobs

Have you signed up for CPC Fall Recruitment yet?? No…? Well, what are you waiting for! Go to and sign up TODAY!

Speed limits around campus too slow. Potentially contributing to obesity? Pedestrians can now casually stroll without picking up their pace and elevating their heart rate…just a thought.

Dear Pride, there’s a gal with green hair who’s very proud of you guys! D’you think you could play some KISS at the next halftime show though??

To the extremely hot, gorgeous, sexy girl I saw on campus today, Just wanted to let you know, you have a groovy personality. From, That guy

NEW CLUB ON CAMPUS: The Student Twerkez. Strippers, big a$$es and more. Call Mike Jones for an exclusive free booty poppa.

Come see your Southern Misses perform at Friday Night at the Fountain this Friday…this is a performance you don’t want to miss!! #twerk

Watch Too Young To Marry on Oxygen September 11 @ 9pm!!! Shanice and Bradley attend USM so be on the look out!!!

Shoutout to ALL the freshmen that are coming in! Ask a upper-classmen about spending money on books for classes! Like seriously.

You know paying $135 for a parking decal you’d think that after listing my address they would give me the option to have my decal mailed to me. -Pineapple liberator

Seriously SMAC. A Glow Night WITHOUT a DJ? Dropped the ball on that one. Sincerely, A disappointed raver/student

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