Scary movie myths debunked

“The white girl always trips”

TRUE. Always. It’s so frustrating because as soon as she takes off running, you know she’s going to fall. And what makes it worse is she usually runs toward the scary situation. If you are familiar with any scary movie at all, it’s so predictable, you know the white girl is going to trip.

“I’ll be right back”

MYTH. You’re not coming back. No. Just…no. Come on, you gotta know you’re not coming back, right? Everyone watching the movie senses it. If you’re like me when a character in a scary movie says “Let’s split up” or “I’ll be right back” you get aggravated because WHY would you split up? And why would you leave? You should just never split up or leave the group you’re in – you know you’re going to die. This happens a lot in the “Scream” movies – so if you’re in doubt, go watch one of those and it’ll change your mind.

“If someone was killed in the house, don’t move in”

TRUE. This seems like a common sense statement. But, of course, in scary movies people overlook the fact that a murder just happened in the house they’re living in. “The Amityville Horror,” one of the creepiest movies of all time, is a perfect example of this. A man who ironically looks just like the main character in “Amityville Horror,” killed his entire family sometime before the Lutz family moved in. Now why in the world would you ignore the fact that a man, who looks just like you, killed his entire family in the house that you currently inhabit? So basically, if someone was killed in the house that you’re moving into, don’t move into it.

“The main character never dies”

MYTH/TRUE. The movie “Freddy vs. Jason” sort of supports and denies that statement. Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees are the main characters. Two violent serial killers out to get the children of Elm Street and then Freddy is angered by Jason because Jason is killing his potential victims. Because of their focus on each other more than their victims, they both end up dying. Just when you think it’s all over, Jason rises out of the lake where he supposedly just died and he is holding Freddy’s decapitated head…that is very much alive because he gives a nice little wink at the end. So let’s just say this is a 50/50.

“Kids and animals always see it first”

TRUE. If your child or dog is afraid of a situation then you should automatically know something is NOT right. In the “The Sixth Sense,” Bruce Willis, who is Dr. Malcolm Crowe, has child patients who see dead people. In “Paranormal Activity 2,” there is a dog staring and barking at something (a demon). It’s just a known fact that kids and animals see it first. So, don’t investigate. Just leave, move, run – whatever you need to do.

“There is always a happy ending”

MYTH. Well, this has proven to not be true in many of the recent scary movies such as “Insidious” and “Paranormal Activity.” If you’re unfamiliar with these two – spoiler alert – they are sequels because there is a rather unhappy ending for both. There are a few movies that can give you a moment of relief such as “The Conjuring” when everyone seems to be okay. But let’s face it – if they all ended “happily ever after” then it wouldn’t be that scary of a movie.