Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ heats up in this week’s episode

Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ heats up in this week’s episode

What started off as a very lukewarm episode actually turned out to be a decent addition to the series, but is it enough to warrant a second season? No, no it’s not.

Surprisingly, I was disappointed that there wasn’t much to complain about in this episode. There certainly wasn’t much to cheer about, but I actually found myself drawn into what was happening rather than constantly checking my phone, begging for the hour to be over. This week, Karnak, Blackbolt’s cousin and advisor, is the focus of the episode. I can safely say that he went from being a dreadfully uninteresting, painfully dull character to a…less uninteresting character. At the very least, his power to analyze any situation and visualize the possible outcomes is unique. Relationships are deepened and bonds are formed while Maximus continues to be a flop of a villain.

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Now, the good and the bad of “Something Inhuman this Way Comes.” Honestly, the episode titles are a huge negative, considering the writers trade actual meaningful titles for catchy, clichéd sayings that are twisted to incorporate the show’s name.

The Good

Gorgon’s and Karnak’s brotherly relationship is a fresh addition that I didn’t realize the show needed until we got it, though why the writers wait until episode five to throw this actually interesting detail in, I have no idea. The two are shown to be very close, in flashbacks and it’s all punctuated by a satisfying conclusion of the duo’s reunion.

While in the middle of the woods, Karnak does a faux taekwondo routine with a stick of bamboo, which was incredibly cheesy and cringe-worthy, but also hilarious.

The classic Marvel action finally makes a return with Karmak cutting bullets and defeating a group of farmers with a single stick of bamboo.

The Bad

The lack of Lousie, who made such a lasting impression on last episode, was painful, but in her brief appearances, we’re rewarded with brilliant lines of sarcasm.

Maximus is annoying and unintimidating, as usual. Nothing new there.

Crystal and Dave build their relationship, and after he ran over her dog and brought Crystal to his ex-girlfriend’s home, she somehow is slowly falling for him. It’s incredibly unrealistic, and I don’t understand why the writers decided to make all of these events occur over the course of a day.