Black Friday survival tips


It’s that wonderful time of year, once again. Hot chocolate is now a necessity; sweaters are being unpacked from their months of storage; and announcements for the “best” Black Friday deals have begun to surface. Don’t go into that flurry of chaos unprepared. Here are some tips to make sure you survive this joyous holiday tradition.


Don’t be an amateur Black Friday shopper. A few days before Friday, research the locations that will actually have the best deals that you’re looking for. Also, have a set goal in mind for what you plan on purchasing, which will help you map out what locations will be worth your time and effort. Technology-focused sites such as “The Verge” and fashion-centered site “Racked” give updates as stores announce upcoming deals and interesting articles about Black Friday.

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Unless you plan on going to midnight sales, brew some coffee and prepare your multiple alarms so that you’ll have plenty of time to secure a spot in line well before the doors open. Droves of people will surely be after the popular items, so get the advantage and be one of the first ones at the door. It wouldn’t hurt to bring a tent and sleeping bags to make the wait extra cozy.


We all know that Black Friday has become an every-man-for-himself, mad-dash for the electronics, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to act without regard to others. While you may be searching for a $10 Amazon Alexa, take into consideration the grandmothers and uncles that just want a cheap video game that their grandchildren and nieces have been begging for.


It’s 2017. Take advantage of the arguably better online sales and rejoice in the fact that you avoided the sheer amount of stampedes that will inevitably be reported about come Saturday. If Black Friday is too much or you forget to do your shopping online, you don’t have to worry. Cyber Monday is the following Monday for those that would rather stay in.