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“Queer Eye” will show you how to live your best life

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What’s better than a show about life-changing makeovers where everyone learns more about themselves and grows closer? Being judged and prodded by five gay men in a Netflix reboot. However, “Queer Eye” wouldn’t be such a cultural hit if it were solely about makeovers. Whether the reason is finding love, living a better life for your family or even wanting more people to come over to your gross apartment, “Queer Eye” shows how to make improvements and live a happier life.

Netflix’s “Queer Eye” is a reboot of the 2003 Bravo show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” However, Netflix’s reboot sports an entirely new cast. Each episode remains relatively the same in terms of form and content, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when the show is so ferociously good.

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As the new Fab Five, this new take on “Queer Eye” is meant to increase acceptance rather than tolerance of the LGBTQ+ community. By watching Jonathan, Karamo, Tan, Bobby and Antoni, you will no doubt have gained some sort of lesson about being yourself, no matter how trivial it might be.

The main thing that this reboot has going for it is the fact that it’s not all about love. The cast really attempts to nail in the point that transformations can help you become a more fulfilled person. While the first episode is about a 57-year-old outcast who wants to start dating again, the second episode follows he journey of a young, anxious Indian businessman who just wants to throw a successful party. The Fab Five often talk about how the key to any successful transformation is having the confidence to actually make that change.

While many other shows may have the client disappear for a majority of the episode, “Queer Eye” is particularly interested in displaying who the clients really are. Because of the addition of making- over anyone and not just straight men, the show’s original run was renamed to simply “Queer Eye.” This change shows “Queer Eye’s” desire to show off more than just the gay community and celebrate anyone willing to accept it.

Let’s be real; the reason why “Queer Eye” has been such a hit is because of the new Fab Five. At the end of each makeover, I was begging to learn more about the main cast rather than the weekly issue at hand. Each of the five men bring their own personality and expertise to each episode and has caused quite a stir among fans about picking their favorite. Luckily, I’ve prepared the definitive list for those that have seen the show or plan on watching it:

5. Bobby: the designing expert

As Bryan Moylan spoke about in his ranking of the Fab Five on Vulture’s website, Bobby does the most work, so he’s hardly ever on screen. In fact, the times that he does make his short appearances are usually marked by awkward interactions that end with, “I don’t really know how to respond to that, so I’m going to move on.” He’s definitely the most boring member of the cast, but without his eye for design there would undoubtedly be a lack of astonishment that comes with every client’s home transformation.

4. Antoni: the cooking expert

There’s a subsection of fans who firmly believe that Antoni can’t cook. In some ways, I’d have to agree. Sparkling, bubbly personality aside, Antoni shows clients how to make guacamole and grilled cheese sandwiches as part of their “grand transformations.” In each episode, there are a few shots of him and the client walking around a grocery store, but beyond that, he just rides around with the group. Admittedly, his subtle approach is genius considering all the things they expect clients to actually keep up with after the transformation is complete.

3. Karamo: the culture expert

Possibly the weakest of the bunch is Karamo. The reason why he’s so high on the list is simply because he may be the most prolific and outgoing of the Five. Like Antoni, there is a strong argument that Karamo doesn’t actually have a job. Often, Karamo will simply be along for the ride, prodding clients to go out of their comfort zone by talking to more people or calling that one girl they’ve been thinking about. He also gets criticism for being the “feelings guy.” Without fail, Karamo will coax the client to cry with his famous “open up” lines.

2. Tan: the fashion expert

As the fashion guru, Tan has huge expectations to live up to. With every episode he sort of kills it. Fans understand that he can only do so much to get clients to dress out of their comfort zones. However, while the guys are freaking out over the client’s new style, most viewers are very confused about what Tan was thinking while putting the outfit together. Despite this, Tan’s humor and connection with clients are always on point.

1. Jonathan: the grooming expert

Now, forget everything I said about the other guys because Jonathan truly has it all. As the groomer, he has the most important job of making clients less gross than when the process began. Without a doubt, he is the best at his role. In every scene, Jonathan is determined to steal the show with his witty, flamboyant humor. This mixed with the personal time he spends dolling up the client creates a bond that none of the other men could ever have. Jonathan’s personality truly shines through the screen, and he puts every other Fab Five member to shame.

Season one of “Queer Eye” is available now on Netflix.

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