Britney Spears deserves a movie


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With “Bohemian Rhapsody” dominating award season and “Rocketman” gaining hype, the need for a major motion picture focusing on the life of Britney Spears is needed now more than ever.

Britney Spears is the musician who most deserves a biopic. She has had such an interesting, huge life that she could honestly have three or four in-depth biopics focusing on her. Britney is still young, but what she has been through is more than what most 80-year-olds have.

There are so many misconceptions surrounding Britney Spears that could be cleared up with a film from the right director. Too many people look at Britney as some basic pop girl who just shows up for a check when in actuality she has been working nonstop since birth. Britney is sadly looked at as being a joke or not a real artist despite her involvement in songwriting and choreography. The right movie with the right actress could exponentially change how the public views Britney’s artistry.

There are also many stories and chapters in Britney’s life that could be put in a jam-packed, two-hour drama. For example, an entire movie could be made about Britney’s rise to fame and her time in Sweden with Max Martin. The relationship between Britney, Justin and whoever the two of them were cheating on each other with could be a standalone film.

Britney Spears is arguably one of the most punk rock artists to come out of the late 90s. She came on the scene wearing provocative clothing and appealing to young girls while making everyone’s parents furious. The immense level of stardom achieved by Britney Spears in the early 2000s is completely insane when considering her controversial status. Britney stood up in Bush’s America and said she was going to dress and do whatever she wants, and those moms were still going to buy her records for their kids.

It is hard not to discuss 2005-2008 when thinking about an imaginary biopic about Britney Spears. If her team actually allowed for the Kevin Federline days to be delved into with new exclusives, this movie could get a lot of press on Britney’s side. This could also be a good way to show the vulture-like behavior of paparazzi in TMZ’s heyday.

The way Britney was treated while she was a young, pregnant mom was horrifying and could make for a strong Academy Award-winning performance from an actress like Dakota Fanning or Brie Larson. A Britney movie could also bring back more casual listeners who were turned off by the press coverage of that time. The #MeToo Movement and budding discussions surrounding mental health would allow for a less judgmental look into what Britney was going through during the mid-2000s.

The movie could end in many ways depending on the director’s point they want to make. Whether they want to conclude with Britney being hospitalized in 2008 or her killer 2016 Billboard performance, Britney has all the drama and excitement one may desire. This could even be used as an opportunity to promote a new single or album.

Yes, most biopics are made about dead people, but Britney deserves one because she deserves a redemption. Britney deserves her true story told on a large platform because there are so many misconceptions and conspiracies surrounding her. Fantasia Barrino literally played herself in a biopic only two years after she won “American Idol,” and everyone was okay with that. Britney might have been the focus of that unauthorized, factually inaccurate Lifetime movie, but she deserves a real movie.

Britney Spears is an underappreciated legend who has been minimized to a nostalgia act by people who do not see her excellence. She is humble and quirky, and she has been through so much. Britney Spears is the Southern sweetheart who has been the soundtrack to the world since 1998, and she deserves to have her story on the silver screen.

photo courtesy Variety