Students support shopping Secondhand September


Mary Parker Raley browses through record collection at Marketplace Antiques. Photo by Bethany Morris.

Photo by Bethany Morris

According to the BBC, “Secondhand September” is a campaign encouraging people to avoid buying new clothing for all 30 days of September.

Many students shop at local thrift stores regularly, and they shared their tips for finding secondhand treasures. 

Sophomore biological science major Alaya Cosgrove has been thrift shopping since her junior year of high school. She got into thrift shopping because she hates going to the mall and trying on mainstream clothes. 

“At a thrift store, I can take my time and search and discover unique fashion that I like rather than being rushed and having to wear the mainstream looks,” Cosgrove said.

Being from outside of New Orleans, Cosgrove enjoys shopping at Goodwill and Red White and Blue Thrift Store on the West Bank of New Orleans. Her favorite finds while secondhand shopping include a yellow button-up shirt with bees on the collar found for $2 and a pair of floral shorts found for $1.50.

Cosgrove said she believes it is important to thrift shop because people are able to find their own unique sense of style and meet others from all walks of life. 

Sophomore music major Mary Parker Raley has always been into thrift shopping but has adamantly antiqued and thrifted for two years. Raley looks for antique shops that have a wide selection, friendly staff and reasonably priced items.

Raley shops at various stores across Mississippi and Alabama such as Antique Mall of the South in Ridgeland, The Emporium in Canton and Antiques at the Loop in Mobile, Alabama.

“Antiques have a story, and you get to continue the story and the life of something. That’s the beautiful thing about antiquing. The tangible things that are left behind tell a story. They get a second chance in a new home,” Raley said.

When in the Hattiesburg area, Raley frequents the Lucky Rabbit. Her most recent find is Marketplace Antiques, which is located on Highway 49 in Hattiesburg. The over 73,000 square foot warehouse is home to vinyl records, war memorabilia, glasswares, vintage books, magazines and more. 

Marketplace Antiques employee Undrea Harris said that she became interested in antiquing and thrifting through her mother. Harris said she believes it is important to secondhand shop in order to reduce the number of items that end up in landfills.  

“I do most of my shopping at secondhand stores such as Plato’s Closet, Jacob’s Well, Edward Street Fellowship Thrift Store, Goodwill, Salvation Army and of course, Marketplace Antiques,” Harris said.

Being a lover of vintage jewelry, Harris said some of her favorite finds have been a cameo necklace at Marketplace Antiques and a diamond necklace from a thrift shop on the coast. 

Thrift shopping not only connects us back to previous generations but also adds a bit of charm and character into our modern lifestyle.