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Bento Sushi opens on campus

Bento Sushi opens on campus

Sariah Bonds and Sariah Bonds | October 3, 2021

Bento Sushi has come to the University of Southern Mississippi. The new sushi spot is located inside the International Building. Bento Sushi is one of the largest sushi corporations in America. Not...

Illustration by Alexandria Moore.

Media students try to stay positive about post-grad future

William Lowery and William Lowery | May 9, 2020

As over 1.3 million students across the country prepare for graduation, the biggest challenge they face is finding work in light of the COVID-19 epidemic. Many American businesses are still closed and...

Seniors adjust post-graduation plans

Seniors adjust post-graduation plans

Earl Stoudemire and Earl Stoudemire | May 6, 2020

At the beginning of May, many students are usually preparing final projects and studying for exams. For seniors, they do these end-of-year rituals along with their capstone work to prepare to walk across...

Illustration by D.J. Reed

ODA students search for balance working from home

Earl Stoudemire and Earl Stoudemire | April 15, 2020

Online classes are definitely a chore many traditional college students didn’t expect. With a million deadlines pushed down throats and Canvas announcements blowing up phones, students should ideally...

Thrifted Gold: DIY masks

Thrifted Gold: DIY masks

Bethany Morris and Bethany Morris | April 13, 2020

Hattiesburg Mayor Toby Barker issued an executive order requiring business employees in the city to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However,  since masks can be hard to find these days,...

Graphic by Alexandria Moore.

Campus experts offer wellness advice

Morgan Usry and Morgan Usry | April 8, 2020

While most people are preoccupied with COVID-19, it can be easy to neglect other aspects of health and wellness. This period of rapid change and self-isolation has been a stressful time for everyone,...

Photo by Bethany Morris.

Thrifted Gold: dreaming of denim

Bethany Morris and Bethany Morris | February 27, 2020

I can’t think of anything more classic that screams Americana style than denim. Denim has been a fashion staple since it was first designed as laborers’ workwear on the farms and mines of America's...

Courtesy photo of Bezal Jupiter

Party of Socialism and Liberation touches base with Hattiesburg

John Hollins and John Hollins | February 25, 2020

Earlier in February, there was a screening of The Murder of Fred Hampton, a documentary about the life and death of the prolific Illinois-based revolutionary. The screening occurred at a local union’s...

Illustration by Lillie Busch.

Students talk unconventional families

Kara Lowe and Kara Lowe | February 21, 2020

What a traditional American family looks like is a married man and woman with two and a half kids. Maybe the traditional family has a white picket fence as well. However, this is not always the case. Three...

D&D offers community distraction from stress

D&D offers community distraction from stress

Brian Winters and Brian Winters | February 20, 2020

When the topic of Dungeons & Dragons comes up, the first thing that people think about is a group of stereotypical nerds in a basement. Among college students, however, Dungeons & Dragons has...

Hattiesburg Mardi Gras parade. Photo by Bethany Morris.

Southern Miss students celebrate Mardi Gras

Laurel Thrailkill and Laurel Thrailkill | February 18, 2020

When New Orleans was established in 1718, Mardi Gras was celebrated not with elaborate parades and bead-throwing, but with elegant balls and parties. Though times have changed since the 1700s, annual...

Photo by Kailee Blackledge.

Geocaching brings people together

William Lowery and William Lowery | February 17, 2020

With over three million active sites around the world as of 2020, geocaching has proven to be popular among people since its debut in 2000.  Using GPS coordinates, people find and locate geocaches,...

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