Hattiesburg GeoTour provides fun and treasure


Looking for something new and fun to do for a weekend? Experience Hattiesburg’s treasure hunt that takes you all over the Hub City. 

The Hattiesburg GeoTour is a free-to-play outdoor treasure hunt with about 40 locations (caches) throughout the Hub City that started in December 2022. While exploring and looking for caches, participants can learn more about Hattiesburg as a destination. Each cache is different and unique to the location it is found in, ranging from a birdhouse to a barrel used for beer. 

“Being able to engage our artistic and creative community when building this attraction was a huge part of that for us,” said Paige Robertson, Director of Communications for Visit Hattiesburg. 

Inside each cache are some promotional items or other things left behind by previous participants. Participants are encouraged to take a souvenir and leave something for someone else. This could be a small toy, sticker or personal brand merchandise. 

To participate in the hunt, download and print a passport off www.hattiesburggeotour.com, go to www.geocaching.com to register a username, download the geocaching app, find the Hattiesburg GeoTour and search for a cache. Once a cache is found, sign the log, write the code word on the passport and log the find in the app. After finding at least 35 hidden caches, turn the passport in at either T-Bones Records & Café (Daily) or The Lucky Rabbit (Weekends) to receive an official Hattiesburg GeoTour geocoin. 

The app is used to find the location of a hidden cache; however, it is the seeker’s job to find the cache. Each cache is different in size, shape and coloring and ranges from hard to find to obvious. Therefore, the GeoTour can be a fun way to explore businesses and attractions interactively. Especially since many caches are unique to the location, like a hide painted like a turtle in a park. 

“They’re kind of the unexpected. Like, expect the unexpected. They’re a little bit obvious sometimes, but then sometimes they can be right in front of your face,” Robertson said. 

Also, with the app, seekers can see who else in the area is looking for caches creating online communities of seekers. Marlo Dorsey, Executive Director/CEO of Visit Hattiesburg, likens these communities to those seen in online games. 

“It does create an online community much like you would think of if you’re in an online gaming community. So not only are you seeing them online, but you’re also seeing them there in person,” said Dorsey. 

This attraction is one of many trails Hattiesburg offers to locals and visitors who want to learn more about the city and its history. 

“We’re really just trying to welcome people of all backgrounds and ages to just come to Hattiesburg and enjoy learning a little more about our story,” Dorsey said. 

Participants can take their time with the tour and explore the area where a cache is located. Most of the caches are hidden in popular areas, attracting visitors like Hattiesburg’s attractions and restaurants. So take the time to explore the city, have a meal, and learn more about what Hattiesburg offers.