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Republicans can never be true allies

Illustration by Derrick “DJ” Reed.

Party alignment as a member of the LGBTQ community should not be too difficult in 2019. One party believes in the inherently antigay idea of religious freedom while the other does not. The whole idea of a two-party system is pretty terrible, but being LGBTQ and aligning yourself with Republicans is entirely foolish and selfish. 

The Republican Party has never been a fan of the gays, so those who are voting for them really look clownish. Not only that, but you also look silly if you pretend to be some liberal activist for the queers and you hang out with anti-gay Republicans. For example, Ellen DeGeneres was not just hanging out with some fella who has different beliefs than her, she was defending a president, George W. Bush, who defined marriage as being between a man and a woman

Gay Republicans love to argue about how they are allowed to have different beliefs and how they will not fall for liberals’ identity politics. Sure, that is cute and all, but you are still foolish for going along with a party who votes against your best interest. This is not about being wild and standing out. This is about voting with who is more likely to value your humanity. 

Seeing Grindr regulars campaigning on the side of the road for Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves is truly pitiful. Log Cabin Republicans love to pretend that their conservatism does not at all conflict with their gayness. Even if some claim to hate Trump, they will likely still praise Ronald Reagan, ignoring his reaction and role in the AIDS crisis. 

Since the 2016 election, there has been this idea that this country is so divided and we need to all just hug and get along. This idea was recently promoted by DeGeneres in her awkward, unapologetic statement in response to the controversy surrounding her sitting next to known homophobe Bush. 

People often misremember Bush as being some moderate, cool guy  despite how he was a huge fan of war that was propped up by the far-right evangelicals. It is not like DeGeneres was friendly with someone who voted for a different American Idol winner; she was cosigning a man who actively worked against her best interest. 

DeGeneres is also supposed to be some gay rights icon because of her sitcom and TIME cover, making this all the more disappointing. At this point, DeGeneres is just another celeb to add to the list of people that have made so much money and lost so much soul that they can not be trusted.

The situation with the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” girls going on “The View” for Meghan McCain’s birthday is comparable to a lesser extent. Nina West and Monet X Change have previously touted themselves as politically forward drag queens. This would make you think they would not be supporting McCain, whose husband is literally the worst, but they still foolishly do. 

Voting for Republicans when you are not cis or straight does not make you edgy, it makes you sad. Reeves is never going to be in favor of LGBTQ rights. President Trump might have held up a flag with “LGBT for Trump” sloppily written on it, but his policies show he will never value the lives of queer people.

Honestly, Attorney General Jim Hood is not some wildly pro-gay politician to be excited for. He actually has a lot of problems involving trans rights, but he is at least far better than Reeves.

When you vote for governor on Nov. 5, remember that you are a clown if you vote for Reeves.

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Republicans can never be true allies