The voice of and for USM students


The voice of and for USM students


The voice of and for USM students


Wes Shaffer, coordinator of PRISM, the LGBTQ center at the University of Southern Mississippi, and USM Ph.D. student.

Letter of identity: The Wes Shaffer story

Wade Taliancich, SM2 Contributor | May 3, 2023

The world spun while they stood on top of the electrical box surrounded by thousands of people with every identity imaginable. Women with short hair, people of different races and ethnicities, individuals...

A student waves a Pride flag last semester as protestors preach anti-LGBTQ sentiments. (Photo/Sarah Kofman)

Student essay gains significance amid recent events against the LGBTQIA community

Garret Grove and Garret Grove | February 23, 2022

The University of Southern Mississippi is known for its sense of inclusivity. However, past and recent events this school year targeting the LGBTQIA+ community has many concerned about how open the Hattiesburg...

University community reacts to anonymous anti-LGBTQ flyers on campus

University community reacts to anonymous anti-LGBTQ flyers on campus

Charlie Luttrell and Charlie Luttrell | February 3, 2022

News Director Charlie Luttrell and SM2 reporter Garret Grove contributed to this report. On Tuesday, Feb. 2, students were displeased to find a nearly 30-page anonymous flyer stuck to their cars’...

Photo by Kaylyn Jones.

Spectrum Center teaches queer black history, trans 101

Kaylyn Jones and Kaylyn Jones | February 20, 2020
Since 2014, the Spectrum Center is the only physical LBGTQ community center in the state of Mississippi. The center produces LGBTQ centric events like drag shows, learning programs and parades.
Photo by Meghan Fuller.

Trans Day of Rememberance honors lives lost

Caleb McCluskey and Caleb McCluskey | November 24, 2019
The Trans Day of Remembrance is an annual national event to honor the memory of those murdered because of anti-transgender sentiments. The Southern Miss PRISM center held an event in their office in conjunction with the day.
Illustration by Alexandria Moore.

Queer students navigate dating scene

Kara Lowe and Kara Lowe | November 15, 2019
People within the LGBTQ community face many challenges every day. One challenge that many LGBTQ people face is with dating.
Illustration by Derrick DJ Reed.

Republicans can never be true allies

Jack McCallum and Jack McCallum | November 2, 2019
Party alignment as a member of the LGBTQ community should not be too difficult in 2019. One party believes in the inherently antigay idea of religious freedom while the other does not. The whole idea of a two-party system is pretty terrible, but being LGBTQ and aligning yourself with Republicans is entirely foolish and selfish.
Illustration by Kathleen Hetherington.

Divided Supreme Court reveals nothing new

Jack McCallum and Jack McCallum | October 19, 2019
It is sad but not shocking that something as fundamental as equal employment rights is up for debate. The recent Supreme Court hearings of cases involving LGBTQ employment rights reveals the amount of growth still needed from all people.
Jaq Jefcoat shares story of coming out as transgender. Photo by Meghan Fuller.

LGBTQ leader defies expectations

Karigan Teer and Karigan Teer | October 17, 2019
Senior English licensure major Jaq Jefcoat never had any transgender representation growing up, so they did not come out as transgender until after they graduated high school.
Day of rememberance honors trans lives lost

Day of rememberance honors trans lives lost

Marissa Haas and Marissa Haas | November 28, 2018

Nov. 20  marked the Transgender Day of Remembrance, where people gather to honor transgender individuals who have lost their lives due to LGBTQ+-related violence. Alex Saucier, a junior psychology...

Share the Love panel discusses LGBTQ+ issues

Share the Love panel discusses LGBTQ+ issues

Conrad Acosta and Conrad Acosta | November 14, 2018

The Southern Miss Prism Center and the Center for International Education held the Share the Love forum event as a part of International Diversity Education Week Monday, Nov. 5. The forum focused on...

Fountain protest catches the attention of freshmen

Fountain protest catches the attention of freshmen

Kori Monet and Kori Monet | September 10, 2018

On Wednesday, Sept. 5, a pastor protested against sin in Shoemaker Square on Southern Miss’ Hattiesburg campus. A frequent protestor, Keith Dalton said he pastors at a church in another town. “I...

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