Thrifted Gold: books make unique accent pieces


Photo by Bethany Morris.

If you love books and pops of color in your living space, then this thrift is for you. The books we choose to read often reflect our own interests, beliefs and aspirations. From a design standpoint, the texture and pops of color that a book can add to a living space is subtle but can give an overall cozy feel to the living space. 

When I’m browsing thrift stores, I often look for books. I look for bright colors and interesting patterns that can make a living space pop. Adding books to a bookshelf that reflect your field of interests will also add a personal touch to your space. When someone walks into a room, I like for them to get a sense of who you are. Filling the room with your interests makes for great conversation pieces.  

I am a photojournalism major. When I went to New York, I found an amateur photographer book from the 60s. I’m also a Spanish minor, so I have found many Spanish books for less than $1 at thrift stores.

 I found the perfect condition book, “Noche Oscura en Lima” at Southern Antiques in Laurel for $1. The lady who previously owned it was also taking Spanish courses and even had her notes jotted down from her lecture in the book. It’s mind blowing to me to think that this lady 40 years ago was in my place struggling to learn a second language and that is the link that connects us. 

In addition to finding books of your interest, you can also add thrifted books to give pops of color to your bookshelf and tie the colors of books with throw pillows in your room. Books also work into the overall aesthetic for a room and make a great pedestal for candles, which adds volume to a shelf or end table. By adding variation in depth and height of accent pieces in a room, it can be eye catching and adds even more interest to the room.  

Two of my favorite interior designers, Joanna Gaines and Erin Napier, tend to use books when they remodel houses for their clients. The simplistic way they incorporate books into their clients’ spaces is the key to using books as décor in your home. By adding books to your living space, it gives you a natural look for a boho eclectic vibe. 

The best advice I can give while searching for thrifted books in thrift stores is to take your time while browsing through the stores or booths. Many stores and booths at thrift stores use vintage books for décor. Every time I go to a thrift store, I’m almost 100% positive that I can find books from the Reader’s Digest book collections. Reader’s Digest are the best books to choose if you want to incorporate interesting patterns into your living space, and usually these books are no more than a $1. 

Listed below are the thrift stores that I have the most luck at buying books. I hope that you’ll think about incorporating books into your décor whether you’re a bookworm or not!


1. Southern Antiques, Laurel, MS  

2. Lucky Rabbit, Hattiesburg, MS  

3. NUTS Laurel, MS  

4. City Thrift Jackson, MS  

5. The Atrium Meridian, MS